Fire & Flood Review

Author: Victoria Scott
Series: (Fire & Flood #1)
Format: ebook
Rating: 5/5
This is told by Tella and her race to save her dying brother by going into a race called the Brimstone Bleed. The winner of these race get the cure for the illness for a sick family member. Tella joins other contenders to race through four different ecosystems to win the cure with a special help from things called Pandora’s. Alliance’s will be made but who can you really trust when everyone is going toward the same goal?
My Thoughts:
This is my first read in May and its a great start to the month. This book is so addicting with it’s fast past that its hard to put down. This is very adventure based with bits of romance rolled in and that’s very rare in young adult and it was good to see. This book also give you plenty of plot twist that you don’t see coming and end up going “WTF.”
Now character wise I pretty much loved the group that Tella alliance herself with and what they bring into the group. They all weary of each other but they still stuck together you would hope until the end. Tella herself as a character I actual liked her, because if I was just dropped off in the middle of a forest or desert I would act the same. Also if I can have a guy like Guy in the race I would total be on his side. For the fact that he is the to go to survivor man he can hunt for food, know what fruits are good, shelter, and just a mysterious guy.
This book as a whole makes me want to buy a physical copy of it and have the next book so that I can just know what’s going to happen next. Highly recommend if you enjoy survivor and fast paced books, and expect not to get any sleep while reading. You been warn.

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