Storm Front

title: Strom Front
By: Jim Butcher
Series: The Dresden Files#1
Rating: 4/5
Harry Dresden is a Paranormal Investigations and also a wizard. He the only wizard in Chicago and he helps Chicago P.D help with magically base cases. So when the P.D calls with a double murder committed by black magic Harry jumps on the case so that he can finally afford rent, however Harry never expected to see what he see’s at the crime scene or expect the bad luck that come after.

POSITIVES:  I enjoyed this book for the most part it had great humor and has fantasy elements. There is also an mystery element where you don’t know who the killer is, and you just have to keep wondering. I like Harry as a character he one of those wise cracking wizard who don’t take much real serious, and even though he has magic it doesn’t help him out in the real world. I also like that he has a heavy past and that he has no luck with the ladies. I don’t know why seeing him try dating is so funny, and if you read it how wrong it turns out. The images that Jim Butcher brings can be graphic especially when it came to the fight/crime scene.

NEGATIVE: Not much bothered me except the fact that Harry sometimes do stupid things like not trusting Murphy (the P.D. ),and in the end she can’t trust him anymore. Also there is one character named Bob who is a magically skull that lives in Harry’s basement. I loved him and I wished there was more of him in the book. Also something that was mentioned a couple times but wish there was more about the White Council.
Other than that am really looking forward to get into this series and read more about Harry and magically beings that he comes across. There is fantasy, mystery, and humor all rolled into one and I highly enjoyed it.

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