Crewel Book Review


Title: Crewel

Author: Gennifer Albin

Series: Crewel World #1

Publisher: Square Fish

Genre: dystopia, young adult, fantasy

Page count: 357

Format: paperback

Rating: 4/5


Most girls in Arras can’t wait until to turn sixteen and be tested for the Spinster gift. To Arras this is an honor to anyone who is chosen and taken to the Coventry to be trained to helpful to there world. However Adelice and her parents try to train to hid her “gift” with no luck. Now Adelice is in a world she wanted nothing to do with and fighting the whole way. Now she gaining friends, also enemies, and learning more about Arras and the Guild. Also learn more about herself and find out she’s more special then she ever thought she was.

My Thought

This book in the beginning was confusing to me for the fact that I thought (because of the time piece on the cover) that it had something to do with time travel. Well I was half right it does involve time but there is no real traveling as I first thought. Once I got over that I stared enjoying it especially when Adelice goes to the Coventry, and start trouble. Crewel is based in Arras and in this world it is controlled down to the last thing. The government (the Guild) are made up of men, and they make sure no chaos happens. Second in command (in a way) are the Spinsters who help keep everything in the order that the Guild wants it to be. Spinsters are in the own class unique for the fact that they are all made of women who at sixteen took a test (the retailer) to find out if a they had the gift to weave looms then sent off to Coventry to really see if they have what it takes to be a Spinster. Spinsters are special in their own way that they can weave the weather (since natural disasters are a no, no), everything is scheduled. Babies have to be requested and you can also request your elder, sick family member to be ripped (killed). Then there is another type of Spinster and there is only one of them is called Creweler’s there is one is only one and the only reason that Arras exist. This world is very controlling and am surprised not more people didn’t question what was happening. But then again you could be ripped if the Guild even thinks for one minute that your a traitor so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Memorable Characters
Adelice the main character was always taught to hid what her gift so that she wouldn’t be taken from her family. She also got a mouth on her that has been getting her in trouble since she was taken after during her retrieved. She can be whiny but she also is a is a strong character and is loyal. Maela is a crazy Spinster that wants more power then she already has as the head Spinster at the Coventry. She is the evil and hated Adelice from the very beginning (which was felt right back), and the hate just grew. Erik this is Maela lap dog (Adelice words that I agree with) he is pretty much the voice of Maela when she’s not around. I liked Erik as a character other than the fact that he doesn’t have a backbone and that his attention toward Adelice weren’t always clear. Jost He was by far my favorite character for the fact that he kept it real and a mystery at the same time. His job at the Coventry is heading the servants, and spending time with Adelice in her jail cell.Cormac is pretty much one the most powerful men in Arras and a total drunk. Every time he shows up (which is a good amount of the time not much in the beginning but in the middle on) he always has an alcoholic beverage in his hand. He becomes obsessively drawn to Adelice which is gross since he’s a old man (though he don’t look it thanks to technology).
Final Thoughts

The ending was cool and how the next book would be based some where different from Arras. Though i love how the relationship ended up Crewel it is only first book in a trilogy i fear that will change. (sad face). However i can’t wait to see what happens in the next book Altered and get introduced to new characters, setting, and new troubles.

book 2
book 2
book 3
book 3

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