Top 5: Book to Movie Ending Fails

 As I said in the title this is my Top 5 book to movie ending fails. I get that film people have the right to take out things since they can’t fit everything in a decent long movie. However one thing that they shouldn’t be able to change is the endings. These are my 5 top five movie ending that have to do with our favorite books.

  1. Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion I will admit that I watched the movie way before I even picked up the book, and I really enjoyed the movie. Until of course I read the book and found how different the movie is from the book itself. In the book there is more action and information then the movie showed. Yes there is romance in both but if they showed more of the action parts then maybe more people would have enjoyed it. Plus the whole ending was different and that really ticked me off after I read it and thought WTF.
  2. Dear John by Nicholas Spark I will admit (again) that I never seen the movie but have heard from a reliable source that I shouldn’t see it. The reason being that the ending was changed in which one Juliet choices to be with. I mean yes we would love her to go with the main guy but that is not how Nicholas Spark wrote it so it shouldn’t have been in the movie that way. Just saying.
  3. The Lightning Thief by Rick Riodan anyone who’s a fan of the Percy Jackson Series know how bad the movie was compared to the book. Not only did they take away but they also added unnecessary things that made no sense to the book. I luck enough didn’t spend the money to go see it in the theaters however when I did see it I was back to the WTF mood fast. And they did the same nonsense to The Sea of Monster, but this time I haven’t seen it at all so no raving happening there.
  4. City of Bones by Cassandra Claire okay another confession City of Bones was not my favorite book of the Mortal Instrument series and it took me simple too long to get though. However I finished it just in time to see the movie. Not only did they change the fight scene inside the institute, but also the ending as well. What bugs me about the ending is that Claire has the cup which I don’t understanding how City of Ashes will come out.
  5. My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult this has to be the first book to movie adaption that really screwed me over with how it ended. First off this book is also the first one that I cried reading this book has so many feels rolled into a beautiful story. However the ending pissed me off. It was like Dear John where they switched who dies in the end. The ending to the book will have you in absolute tears, however if you watch the movie you’ll just feel sad. All am saying of all the books I talked about this one bugged me the most.


There you have my top 5 movie to book ending changes that bothered me the most. Also these are one of the many reason I don’t like seeing movies based on the book. Because I always get so depressed about it think too much on it. So let me know which 5 books to movie adaptations you’ve seen where they completely changed the ending.

Until next time happy reading.

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