Rot & Ruin Review


Author: Jonathan Maberry 

Series: Benny Imura book 1

Page count: 458

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Summary: Benny and his friends has grown up in the zombie infected world every since First Night happened. Benny lives in Mountainside with his older half brother Tom, and Benny just turned 15, so he has to find a job or get his food rations taken from him. So he looks but end up doing what he didn’t want to do and that’s joining his brother in the family business. Benny soon finds out that he was wrong about the zombies, and mostly his brother as he learns the family business.

My thoughts:

This isn’t all about zombies but how Benny and his friends coming to in a world that is pretty ugly. This all started fifteen years ago during First Night when one person dead and was turned into a zombie. No one understands how this happens, but what they do understood is when a person dies they come back as zombie. 

When Benny is first introduced he is a really angry teenager first at zombie and his half big brother Tom. However when he leaves Mountainside with his brother to the Ruin he learns a lot. He learns what his brother actual do is not to kill for cash but more like a mercy bounty hunter. Other bounty hunter’s like Charlie “Pink Eye” and Motor City Hammer do things for a profit, and other times just for fun. Tom himself is my favorite character for the fact that he is quiet however strong and knows so much things about everything.

A thing to know about this book is that it can be graphic in ways that can be a little disturbing to me at least. But Jonathan Maberry knows how to write where you gets into the world. Plus the relationship between the characters themselves is good to see especially the relationship between the Imura brothers. There is a lot of growing in these book, and I cant wait to get to the next three book.





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