REVIEW: RUSH by Eve Silver

Title: RUSH

Author: Eve Silver

Series: The Game #1

Page Count: 361

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

Rating: 4.5/5

Summary: Miki Jones likes having everything controlled every since her mother passed away. That was until she saved a classmates little sister from getting hit by a truck, and ended up in the Lobby. Miki finds out that she’s “died” and now playing in the game where she and her teammates hunt and kill Drau (beautiful alien species). Now Miki has to balance her real life that she gets to go back to and have to act like nothing happen. And her Game life where she has to stay alive, and try to get answers that can help her understand what she’s actual fighting for.

My Thoughts:

 I have a lot of good feeling while reading this book for multiply reasons. One being that duel world where Miki had to balance her real world with the Game world. I also liked that Miki asked questions some people would just get simply answers to things and leave at that. However Miki loved having everything under her control and so she wouldn’t take the simply answers as they given. I also enjoyed Jackson Tate I don’t know why but I love the characters who are hard to read and are secretive. To me those are the best to read about especially in this case. Jackson try to act like an asshole to Miki and to the others on the team saying that “every man for themselves” however he is the first to watch Miki’s back.

The end of this book was full of information and a action. There is an cliffhanger at the end that makes me want the second book but going to hold off and try not to spoil myself. If you enjoy reading about wars between humans and aliens then you would like this book. Or enjoy books where there is a videogame aspect to it, or a duel world pick up these book.




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