REVIEW: The Distance Between Us

Title: The Distance Between Us

Author: Kasie West

Publisher: Harper Teen

Reading Source: e-book

Page Count: 312

Rating: 5/5


Caymen Meyers is a seventeen year girl who works at her mothers failing and also creepy doll shop. One day she meets rich guy Xander Spence the grandson of one of there most regular costumers coming in for a pickup. Caymen from that first meeting knew she wouldn’t like him but Xander never stay away. Soon they move into a friendship as they help each other find out what they want to do after high school.

My Thoughts:

This young adult contemporary is not about two people having a long distance relationship. Its more on the social status of the two main characters where Xander is the rich boy and Caymen is the poor girl.  I really enjoyed how there relationship started with no instant love more like a slow process to where it build up to it. Caymen is my favorite by far for the fact that she is a really sarcastic character, and you can’t take things to serious with her. Then Xander who is some what a two faced character but that is only of whose he around. Around his family he’s cold and indifferent, but around Caymen he’s happy. There was plenty of cute moments like the whole hot chocolate moments and the actual looking for there callings outside their family businesses.  

I miss reading contemporaries they always put me in a good mood and this book sure did just that. I now can’t wait to  read more of Kasie West and more contemporaries like this. Any suggesting’s please leave in the comments below thanks and happy reading,  

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