Review: FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell

Author: Rainbow Rowell
Genre: YA Contemporary
Publisher: St. Martins Griffin (2013)
Page Count: 427
Rating: 5/5
Summary: Cath is crazy about two things writing Simon Snow fanfiction and her twin sister Wren. That was until they went off to college and Wren left to do her own thing. Now Cath has to figure out how to stand on her own two feet, and learn how to survive college and grain some independence from her twin sister.
My Thought:
The thing about contemporaries is that authors love living things open ended. FANGIRL was no exception. First off I’ve enjoyed this book more than I liked Eleanor and Park which seems to be a common thought.
This story is about Cath and she’s about to go off to college wit her twin however her twin Wren wants to do her own thing without her. Now Cath is alone and doesn’t know what to do with herself. From the first page to the last one you see such a growth in Cath where she went from being dependent to standing up for herself. And I believe that was thanks to Levi and Reagan.
Both character brought Cath out of her comfort zone, and showed her how to enjoy college more. Especially Levi he is a talker and all around happy guy, but he is a great character. My favorite scene is the the Outsider read all nighter. This is when things changed and over my favorite book to was just a bonus.
Rainbow Rowell sure know how to write a coming of age book even if two more chapters would have been awesome. However I loved this book and will be reading it again and again.
Happy reading to all the bookworms out there.

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