Would You Rather Tag

I’ve always enjoyed watching and reading tags on both YouTube and other people blogs. So i thought i would do the would you rather tag since this one seems simple enough.

1. Only be able to read trilogies or stand-alones?

Am not that big fan of stand-alones only because I never like a story to end, so trilogies will always be my favorite. Like hello the infernal device trilogy by Cassandra Claire best ever.

2. Female or Male author?

I don’t care who writes the books as long as the story is good so go for both.

3.Shop at B&N OR Amazon?

I like both however Amazon is a cheaper price then B&N most of the time.

4.All books become movies or tv shows?

Movie though i always am terrible when watching them because I always voice the differences. Reason why no one wants to go to the a book/movie adaptation with me.

5. Read 5 pages a day or 5 books a week?

I would love to be able to finish 5 books in a week, however 5 pages seem more reality especially how my readings been lately.

6. be a professional reviewer or writer?

realistic i would be a  reviewer for the fact that though i have concept ideas for a book I could never get it down right on paper.

7.Only be able to read your 20 favorite books or only read new ones?

New one definitely I would get so tired of my favorites that i would forget why i loved them so much and may hate them. Plus who knows i may fine new favorites to love.

8. Be a librarian or bookseller?

Librarian of course. I say that for the fact that I love books and would love to teach that to others so they can enjoy the same adventures that other book lovers do.

9. Only read from your favorite genre or from everything but your favorite genre?

Everything but my favorite genre. I say that I don’t want to get tired of that genre so from different genre would be good for me.

10. Physical or E-book?
I have both yet I still love physical books especially paperbacks. They fit perfectly in my purse.

Well that’s the Would You Rather Tag and if you haven’t done this tag yet you should its fun. And if you have leave a comment and possibly a link so i can check out yours. I would love to see different responses to these questions.

Until next time happy reading bookworms

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