Liebaster Award

i was nominated by hyperaboutbooks thank you so much for this.

the rules: to and thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. answer the 11 questions your nominator gives you.

3.tag 11 other bloggers who have 200 or less followers

4. ask the 11 bloggers 11 questions and let them know you nominated them!

hyperaboutbooks questions

1. what book do you wish you never read? I wished I never read the first 16 pages of the Fellowship of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien all 16 pages where the long history of Hobbits and what happened in the events that happened in The Hobbit. It put me so off the rest of the book that i had to put it down for awhile.

2. do you read one book or multiple books at a time? If I count all my currents read then you would know that i start a lot. When I do I make sure there two different genres to not get mixed up to much.

3. your favorite underrated book? I don’t think i’ve read one so i wouldn’t know how to answer this.

4. if you were trapped on a desert island and could only take 2 books with you what would they be and why?

5. do you buy books based on beautiful covers? Will beautiful covers make me pick them up, but I always read the back to know if am interested or not.

6. what do you think about e-readers and Ebooks? I have a e-reader and though the books are expensive I do like Ebooks. However I can’t always get into them by reading electronic but i see there usefulness.

7. is there a book/books you have multiple copies of? I have a hardcover and paperback of Sense of Sensitivity by Jane Austen. The reason being because I like them both.

8. favorite place to read? My room because its quite in there and place it has my bed in it.

9. do you use bookmarks or fold over the page? I use everything but dogeared I don’t like the thought of folding the paper I just rather use scraps.

10. do you write in or highlight quotes/ sections in a book, or do you use post sticks or nothing at all? I’ve tired this things but I can’t remember to mark my favorite parts so I only stick note when I remember to do it.

11. what inspired you to blog? And why? Reading other bookish blogs helped for the fact that i love talking about books, however i don’t have that many bookish friends.

people I tag (if you already did this you don’t have to do it again)

1. for the love of the page

2. A Nanny’s Literary Musing

3. Alex in Bookland

4.Falling Down the Book Hole

5. book & cleverness

6. bibliophilesisters

7. commas and ampersands

8. deadly darlings

9. paperback Heart

10. the reading rebel

11. bookraptured

my questions

1. How many current reading (if any) do you have?

2. Any bookish things in collection?

3. Favorite book to movie or television show adaption?

4. Least favorite book to movie or television show adaption?

5. A book you really want to read this Fall season?

6. Favorite series this year?

7. favorite thing to look for in a book cover?

8. Thoughts on box sets and do you own or want any?

9. E-readers nay or yay?

10. Favorite place to shop for books?

11. How long have you’ve been blogging for?



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