10 Known Facts About Me

I haven’t shared anything really about myself other than my love for books so here are some things about myself that everyone should know about me.

1. I hate my hair and threaten to shave almost everyday.

2. I can be loud and crazy at times but also very bad at socializing with new people.

3. I can memorize things better in both books and tv/movie then anything i learn in school.

4. Am a total Disney and Pixie Star fan.

5. I may be 22 almost 23 but am still very child like inside.

6. As of currently i have no life other than work and sleep basically.

7. Am a total night owl staying up way past dawn some mornings (as am writing this its 7:16 am).

8. Other than reading I also like to draw, write, and reading fanfiction.

9. Am in love with the television shows Once Upon a Time, Castle, and Criminal Minds just to name a few good ones.

10. I started to blog for the soul purpose of trying to be more social and to of course talk about books.

Hope you enjoy learning about me with ten little things about myself. Thanks for reading and if you want comment me five fun/ silly facts about yourself until next time.

happy reading everyone

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