Dark Lover

Author: J.R. Ward
Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood #1
Genre: Adult
Page Count: 393
Publisher: penguins
Released: 2005
Source: thrift shop
Format: paperback
Rating: 4/5
This is the story about Wrath the blind king vampire and Beth a orphan that is stuck in a rut.Because of a promise to Beth’s dad Wrath promised to help Beth with her change until a vampire and got more than they both planned on.

I enjoyed this book even though I was looking for more action there was some but it was quick and then over. Which is a bummer since I would of liked more of the fight between the Brotherhood and the Lesser. Instead all the fighting seemed to happen between Wrath and Beth.

Which I guess is normal if you come to realize that your father was a vampire, was close, and soon would be one to. Plus Wrath is very closed off which again is understandable with things you find out about his past. I enjoyed the romance between Wrath and Beth though it was let’s have sex then I want nothing to do with you then rinse and repeat. Wrath and Beth separate is cool for they are both hard headed but so needed the other.

Another save in these book is the other Black Dagger brothers. They have a lot of character in each one and their own back stories that makes me want to continue the series. All are dark and terrifying and yet they bound together to take out the Lessers who seem to multiply like bunnies.

Speaking of Lessers the leader Mr. X is scary thinker. He thinks things through and looks at all the angels. And even though I want the Brotherhood to win I would like to see where Mr. X takes this war. It would be cool to find out.

I have a hard time with adult books which is funny since I started out reading it before young adult. However am glad I gave this book a try and I have the next two books in these series. so hopefully I’ll read them soon, and see if I can get more interested as the books go on. IMG_2195.JPG

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