Review:1-5 Night Huntress Series

titles: Halfway to the GraveOne Foot in the Grave, At Grave’s End , Destined For an Early Grave, This Side of the Grave

Author: jeaniene Frost

Format: e-book

My Thoughts:
I started Halfway to Grave just to see if I would like to continue, and boy did I continue. I got addicted to Cat and Bones story how there love began and the ups and downs that happen in between. There is some repeat of the stories where there is someone after Cat because of her uniqueness being a half breed. Then Cat and company look for this bad guy or guys, and go stop them. And the company that Cat and Bones keep have a great humor to them that I loved to read about. My favorite is Vlad for to many reasons to property say.

My favorite book has to be Halfway to the Grave and At Grave’s Ends. The first one for the fact we get introduced to Cat and Bones. The beginning of their relationship was rocky for Cat hates everything about her vampire half and Bones try to show her that she shouldn’t hate it but embrace it. The third book is also my favorite because it showed the hard times a relationship can  have, and they had plenty.

This series is such a good time read and I really enjoyed this books and can’t wait to get the last book Up From the Grave then start her spin off story. Let me know if you read any books in these series and which one is your favorite?

Until next time Happy Reading 🙂

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