2015 Bookish Revolution

1) I set my challenge at 100 for the fact that I have 180 something books and want to get through half.

2) I need to both start and finish series that I’ve collected. Like: Trylle (2,3)

Sookie Stackhouse (3-12),the Stephanie Plum series, Darkness Rising (2,3), The Lunar Chronicles (1,2), The Mortal Instrument (4-6), Crash (1-3), Daughter of the Smoke & Bone (1-3), Benny Imura series (2-4). And that’s naming few.

3) I want to read the classic I have collected last year. Which isn’t a lot but I still want to get to them this year. Anne of Green Gables series (1,2) The Diary of a Young Girl, Withering Heights, and again some more that I can’t think off the top of my head.

4) buy less I don’t have a goal where is a read this many I’ll buy this many. I just need to be able to control my buying physical. I don’t count e-books because I get them cheap plus there test run to see if I want to buy them later.

5) I need to be better at posting and doing tags to keep up my site.

6) Get reviews done more since I have a couple that I need to write down but haven’t gotten to yet.

So how is everyone with doing there 2015 revolutions bookish or life related. Am excited for this year, and hope I can get through this and not total fail.

Happy News Years and read on 🙂

2 thoughts on “2015 Bookish Revolution

  1. Good luck with 100 books! I set the same goal. 🙂

    I always challenge myself to finish some series I’ve started, but mostly it hasn’t been working out for me. Hopefully it’ll be better for you. ^_^

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