March Wrap Up 

I got through a lot of books. 10 to be exact which makes it my biggest reading month yet. I read 9 physical and 1 eBook. Bring my total page count to 3,909. 

Enclave by Ann Aguire 4/5

Scarlet by Marissa Meyers 5/5

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder 5/5

Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder  4/5

Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi 4/5

Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder 4/5

Fracture Me by Tahereh Mafi 4/5

Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder 4/5

Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi 5/5

Cress by Marissa Meyers 5/5

My favorite book has to be Poison Study it was a very interesting storyline and loved the characters. Am 18/100 out of my goodreads account and so far all together I’ve read 6,493 pages in three months. Let’s go April. 

Review: Fire Study

Author: Maria V. Snyder 

Series: Study #3

Page Count: 441

Format: paperback

Source: Amazon 

Publisher: Mira

Rating: 4/5

Summary: the conclusion to Yelena’s story as she still try to learn her magic. However a new treat comes that scares the pants of Yelena and has her questioning everything. 
My thoughts: 
You would think that Yelena would get used to Mayhem. However this one has her trying to think one step ahead of those trying to kill her. She has to deal with the Daviian Vermin as they grow in power. Counselors who can’t decide if they trust her, or who she should trust herself. Also there’s this big bad Fire Warper after her so it’s all in a regular day for her.  There is a point where Yelena tries to push everyone away for the fact that she’s scared. And yet I loved as she started trusting in herself and those around her. 
The characters (to me) are the best part for they make some of the best conversation. With the sarcasm banter between all the characters show that they care. Oh and the romance between Valek and Yelena show that even with distance those two always find each other. 
The magic itself was fun because there is a big thing about good and bad magic. How easy it’s to become corrupted and seek more of that power. 
Am so sad that the series ended but there is a spin off involving the same characters. Can’t wait to get my hands on it hopefully soon. 
“Do Story Weavers sign a contract or make a blood oath to be difficult and stubborn and a pain in the ass?”-(75)
Daviian Vermin

Review: Magic Study

Author: Maria V. Snyder

Series: Study #2

Page Count: 443

Source: Amazon 

Format: paperback

Publisher: Mira 

Rating: 4/5

Summary: Yelena left Ixia to Sitia to go train her magic, and learn about her past. But it seemed being a poison taster was the easier of the job. Now she has to grow in her magic and learn more about it and herself. 
The thing I enjoyed this book for the fact that Magic Study was set somewhere somewhere. And that Yelena was learning something new. She would be learning how to use her  magic and see how far it can actual go. Also watching her reconnect with her family. You do see some old faces however it takes awhile for them show up. And before they came Yelena is trying to stop a madman, and trying to bring peace between Sitia and Ixia. 
The story drags some and it’s as good as the first. However the characters are still the best. And even the new ones grow on you. I hate more characters in these book and raved. However it was still a good second book, and can’t wait for the last book. 

Review: Unravel Me 

Author: Tahereh Mafi 

Series: Shatter Me #2

Page count: 461

Format: paperback

Source: book outlet

Publisher: Harper teen 

Rating: 4.5/5

Juliette is still haunted by her deadly touch. But now that she has teamed up with other rebels with powers of their own, she’ll be able to fight back against The Reestablishment to save her broken world. With the help of these new allies, she’ll also finally learn the secret behind Adam’s—and Warner’s—immunity to her killer skin.
Though there was a slow beginning it was a step up from Shatter Me. It was so good to see Juliette stand on her own with Adam. She grew into herself after she had a pity party then she started thinking more for herself.  Also am glad to see Juliette and Warner talk as they should of done in the first book. She finally started to see there is more to Warner than everyone assume of him. Kenji even grew on me since I thought he was an okay character in the first book. Now I see him as the one person who told Juliette how it is. He got her out of her slump with Adam and helped her grow as a person and become more confident in her power. I would love to know more about Kenji especially before he came to Omega Point. He may be  joking most of the time however he does has a series side. 
The story itself was more about the war and what the Omega Point does to try and stop the Reestablishment. It was cool to see the Omega use there powers and see Juliette become part of the group. Also you see more outside and fighting. There was somethings that took me by surprise and now make me have a couple of questions that I would like answered. 
Now on to the next book Ignite Me maybe sometime soon when I buy it.

Review: Shatter Me 

 Author:Tahereh Mafi 

Series: Shatter Me #1
Page Count: 340
Format: Paperback
Source: bookoutlet
Rating: 3/5
Summary: Juliette has a deadly touch that makes her be sent to an asylum. Three years later she is free by the Reestablishment but at price she can’t pay. Now Juliette has to fight against the Reestablishment and figure out why she has this touch. 
Summary: I grew to dislike this book as it progress. And I total blame Adam. Yes I get that he’s special to Juliette but it made her really dumb. When she fell in love with Adam she became really Adam this and Adam that. She doesn’t think for herself, and the more she spend with him the more I couldn’t stand it. And I believe that Warner went about getting her on her wrong. If he actual talked to her instead of forcing her affections things would be different. I liked Kenji and James somewhat but they remind me more of a relief characters because they make me laugh and smile. 
Then we have the story itself where earth as we know it is in shambles. That is why the Reestablishment got control of the people so quickly because they needed a leader however were put in slavery. Then as we have the Reestablishment’s of course we have the opposite being the Omega Point. They have people there that are like Juliette and I couldn’t help thinking of anything but X-Men. 
Overall the book was okay and I will continue on for the fact I hear it get better. So does anyone else think of X-Men while reading Shatter Me? and if you do which character does Juliette remind you of? Or is just me let me know in the comments. 

Review: Enclave 

Author: Ann Aguirre

Series: Ravorland # 1 

Page count: 259

Publisher: Square Fish

Source: bookoutlet

Format: paperback 

Rating: 4/5

Summary: Deuce was so excited to go to her naming ceremony and become a huntress. She didn’t except though that she would be partnered up with the outcast Hunter Fade. Now as they go through the tunnels trying to figure out why the Freaks are changing patterns. Deuce is faced with the knowledge that all she’s every known maybe wrong. 
The characters Deuce is a strong character she knows what she wants and does it. At first I would called her brainwashed as the rest of her clan thanks to the Council and the Wordkeeper. But as Deuce start to work with her outcast of a partner Fade she start to see things as they actual are. Fade himself is the quiet guy who came to the clan from the outside after three years by himself. He has great knowledge which helped a lot both in the tunnel and topside so that he and Deuce can survive. Again there is a romance hints there but also a maybe triangle. But Deuce is total dense to it. 

The story is based in New York in the subway tunnels where different clans who make rules so that the everyone can survive. Everyone is labeled as a brat and labeled as boy/girl with a number. That is until they turn 16 when they have a naming ceremony to see what which three categories as a hunter/huntress, builder, or breeder. Or main girl Deuce has always wanted to become a huntress so that she can help the clan by going into the tunnels with the Freaks (zombies) to get food. However later something happens and makes Deuce and her partner Fade go up topside which was New York City. It was cool to see Deuce who was born and told that the topside isn’t livable to see that it really isn’t. She has struggles being somewhere different and it was really cool to see that she had to learn things that we use everyday. 
I enjoyed to see Deuce struggle in a new world and her trekking across the land with Fade and some unlikely friends on the way. There was gangs that they had to fight and smart Freaks that actual came topside who are harder to fight. Also it’s cute to see Deuce trying to figure out her feeling for Fade even with his mood swings. I enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read the next book to see where they go from the ending. 

Review: Poison Study

Author:Maria V. Snyder 
Series: Study #1
Page Count:409
Format: Paperback 
Summary: Yelena is a convict waiting to be hanged when she gets a interesting job offer. To becoming the new poison taster for the Commander. Yelena takes the postion not knowing the dangers she now faces. Not only with maybe poisoning but assassin attempts and her past coming to finish her off.
This book is heartbreaking how good these book was. 
The characters were interesting to watch who could be trusted and who couldn’t. We had our main girl Yelena who was charge with a murder that she admitted doing to become the Commanders poison taste tester. Then we have Valek the Commanders assassin and second hand man. To see Yelena grow from being always in the flee position to trying to not be the victim was a great thing to see. She started learning ways to protect herself so that her past won’t repeat itself. Valek is a badass from day one and he has so many tricks that make his brilliant in his field. As he starts to open himself to Yelena you see that there is more to him then what you might have first thought. There is a love interest between the two but it is slow built and doesn’t take from the story itself. 

 Then there’s the lovable side characters like the power duo Ari and Janco. They are both like brothers to Yelena and it shows that care deeply for her. The Commander himself is a very rule driven person. That hasn’t been corrupted and deeply cares for his people. He always listen to both sides before a ruling and has deep loyalty to the people he rule over. 

The story was interesting in the way that there are different military districts. And each MD has a different color and what they do to keep Ixia running smoothly without trading with other places. This book has some of the characteristics of Grave Mercy in a way that you could not trust anyone and that there’s spies everywhere. There was times where I was raging at something that happened in the book and put it down for a breather. You learn a lot about how to be a poison taster, or fighting, even some about magic. 

I can’t wait to get to the next book especially after that ending. Like I needed to buy more more books but for this series I will.