Review: Enclave 

Author: Ann Aguirre

Series: Ravorland # 1 

Page count: 259

Publisher: Square Fish

Source: bookoutlet

Format: paperback 

Rating: 4/5

Summary: Deuce was so excited to go to her naming ceremony and become a huntress. She didn’t except though that she would be partnered up with the outcast Hunter Fade. Now as they go through the tunnels trying to figure out why the Freaks are changing patterns. Deuce is faced with the knowledge that all she’s every known maybe wrong. 
The characters Deuce is a strong character she knows what she wants and does it. At first I would called her brainwashed as the rest of her clan thanks to the Council and the Wordkeeper. But as Deuce start to work with her outcast of a partner Fade she start to see things as they actual are. Fade himself is the quiet guy who came to the clan from the outside after three years by himself. He has great knowledge which helped a lot both in the tunnel and topside so that he and Deuce can survive. Again there is a romance hints there but also a maybe triangle. But Deuce is total dense to it. 

The story is based in New York in the subway tunnels where different clans who make rules so that the everyone can survive. Everyone is labeled as a brat and labeled as boy/girl with a number. That is until they turn 16 when they have a naming ceremony to see what which three categories as a hunter/huntress, builder, or breeder. Or main girl Deuce has always wanted to become a huntress so that she can help the clan by going into the tunnels with the Freaks (zombies) to get food. However later something happens and makes Deuce and her partner Fade go up topside which was New York City. It was cool to see Deuce who was born and told that the topside isn’t livable to see that it really isn’t. She has struggles being somewhere different and it was really cool to see that she had to learn things that we use everyday. 
I enjoyed to see Deuce struggle in a new world and her trekking across the land with Fade and some unlikely friends on the way. There was gangs that they had to fight and smart Freaks that actual came topside who are harder to fight. Also it’s cute to see Deuce trying to figure out her feeling for Fade even with his mood swings. I enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read the next book to see where they go from the ending. 

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