Review: Poison Study

Author:Maria V. Snyder 
Series: Study #1
Page Count:409
Format: Paperback 
Summary: Yelena is a convict waiting to be hanged when she gets a interesting job offer. To becoming the new poison taster for the Commander. Yelena takes the postion not knowing the dangers she now faces. Not only with maybe poisoning but assassin attempts and her past coming to finish her off.
This book is heartbreaking how good these book was. 
The characters were interesting to watch who could be trusted and who couldn’t. We had our main girl Yelena who was charge with a murder that she admitted doing to become the Commanders poison taste tester. Then we have Valek the Commanders assassin and second hand man. To see Yelena grow from being always in the flee position to trying to not be the victim was a great thing to see. She started learning ways to protect herself so that her past won’t repeat itself. Valek is a badass from day one and he has so many tricks that make his brilliant in his field. As he starts to open himself to Yelena you see that there is more to him then what you might have first thought. There is a love interest between the two but it is slow built and doesn’t take from the story itself. 

 Then there’s the lovable side characters like the power duo Ari and Janco. They are both like brothers to Yelena and it shows that care deeply for her. The Commander himself is a very rule driven person. That hasn’t been corrupted and deeply cares for his people. He always listen to both sides before a ruling and has deep loyalty to the people he rule over. 

The story was interesting in the way that there are different military districts. And each MD has a different color and what they do to keep Ixia running smoothly without trading with other places. This book has some of the characteristics of Grave Mercy in a way that you could not trust anyone and that there’s spies everywhere. There was times where I was raging at something that happened in the book and put it down for a breather. You learn a lot about how to be a poison taster, or fighting, even some about magic. 

I can’t wait to get to the next book especially after that ending. Like I needed to buy more more books but for this series I will. 

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