Review: Since You’ve Been Gone 

Title: Since You’ve Been Gone 

Author: Morgan Matson
Page Count: 449
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Format: Hardback
Source: Book Outlet 
Rating: 5/5
Summary: Emily Hughes life goes upside down when her best friend Sloane who was always the one to lead disappears without a  word. Then two weeks later Emily gets a letter from Sloane with a list of thirteen things that she wants to her to do that takes Emily out of her comfort zone. Now Emily is having the summer of her life to gaining friends and hoping for some answers. 
Emily has her moments where she could be annoying especially in the beginning. However it was nice to see her grow from being a dependent to independent. She learned that she could have fun without Sloane there, and is braver than she looks. So this whole list thing was the best thing Sloane could have done for Emily. 
The romance and interaction between  Emily and Frank was my favorite. He was in each chapter and was helpful to Emily. Even saved her a couple times. It was so cute to watch her going from hardly being able to talk
to him, to growing into a friendship more. I love watching the process of it along with all the other friendships that she gained. 
Thing I didn’t overly like is how everything went down hill really fast. Plus how everyone was so ready to unfriend her. Also this book is big on absent parents. Emily’s parents were there however since they were screen writing they missed out in a lot of things. Lastly the chapters. I don’t think I’ve every read a book that has twenty-four pages to a chapter. 
Overall this book had the cuteness factor that I expect from a Morgan Matson books. And enjoyed the concept of growth and friendship in the book. Now I have another book down and need to read more. 

One thought on “Review: Since You’ve Been Gone 

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