Review: Sea of Shadows

Author: Kelley Armstrong
Series:Age of Legend #1
Page Count:406
Publisher:HarperCollins (2004)
Source:Book Outlet
Summary:Twin sisters Ashyn and Moria were born for an important reason, and that’s to keep soul in the Forest of Dead in peace. However as it was time to go into the forest the souls decide to not go in peace and rather cause havoc. Now the twins has to journey to find answers and to warn other towns of this new problem. And they stumble on much more.

The Story: was told in a duel point of view of the two sisters. Which was cool since the sisters get separated most of the book, and deals with fantasy creatures on the road. It was cool to see things that weren’t supposed to be real come to life and see each sister and companies fight them their own way. This whole story had a great fantasy world that I would never want to live in. Which makes it more fun, and kept me interested.

The Characters: Though Ashyn and Moria are twins they are poplar opposites. Moria is the headstrong sister who wasn’t afraid of anything. Being Keeper of their village Edgewood to keep spirits from coming in. Then there’s Ashyn who is the more studies sister and shy. Being the Seeker who actual go into the Forest of the Dead to quiet spirits. However they brought the best out of each other even when one didn’t feel they were up to the task. Also the male leads in the story were great where Gavril the guard who was exiled to guard the same forest his father was. However he was always ready to put Moria in her place. Then we Ronan the survivor of the Forest of the Dead who helped Ashyn to gain more confidence in herself. Something else that Kelley Armstrong did was make a villain. Barthol is one messed up mercenary that you need to read to believe.

So in all, I really loved this book and flew through it thanks to the pace the story was taking an the characters. There was a cliffhanger at the end that I makes me want to read the next book Empire of Night sooner than later.

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