Weekend Plans

And there not to read. If am in the mood I’ll pick one of the two many on my current reads. 

My actual plans are to write two post and to finally organize my bookcase. It’s a total disaster zone and needs a lot of work. I have to fit 188 books on a 5 shelve (not including the top) bookcase. So yeah I’ll be doing that while rocking to music. 

So that my weekend plans and wish me luck. Happy reading. ūüôā

Top Ten Tuesday

Topic: Ten books I plan to have in my beach bag this summer, or ten books I think make great beach reads.

This list will consist of the contemporary reads that I have on my shelf.

IMG_2848I think the summer I turned pretty is¬†obvious in the fact it has summer in the title.¬†Also To all the boys¬†I’ve before because I really need to finish it sometimes soon.

IMG_2852I don’t know anything about this series other than the fact that I haven’t yet read them.¬†So why not read them during summer.

IMG_2849Didn’t know I had more than one Sarah Ockler book but since I read Twelve Boys Summer, and enjoyed it¬†I¬†want to read these other two.

IMG_2850Another two books I want to read. Shut Out guys and girls battling to see whose the better sex. On the other hand we have Broken Heart, fences, and other things to mend which I got because its a Morgan Matson book.

IMG_2851These two would a different read for me. Between the lines is about a fairytale coming to life. Then there is Wonderlove a traveling book to find one self. Both sound great being on two different genres.

IMG_2853This is not a contemporary but still has that romantic look that I wouldn’t mind reading during the summer time.

So there is my top ten list. I don’t do the beach so I most likely be reading these in my bed or some where in my house. Hope everyone has a good summer and get plenty of reading done. ūüôā

Proud Daughter Moment 

My mom has asked for recommendations from my shelf which is surprising since there not exactly her kind of reads. However I finally got her to read the Mara Dyer trilogy. She just finished the retribution of Mara Dyer at 3:30 this morning. Before this she read Gayle Forman’s If I stay duo (which I still haven’t read but they enjoy). 

I just feel really good that she enjoyed something on my bookshelf and will be coming for more in the future. 

Opposite Book Tag

a popular book or series that you didn’t like? Rebel Belle by Rachel Hodkins. I liked the whole magic concept however how smart Harper was supposed to be she made some dumb choices.

a popular book or series that every one seems to hate but you love? 50 shades of Gray I love this series no matter what others say.

a love triangle where the main character ended up with the person you did NOT want them to end with (warn people for spoilers) OR an OTP that you didn’t like? Nope usual at first they seem to pick the other guy but by the end am happy with there choice.

a popular book genre that you hardly reach for? contemporary

a popular or beloved character that you do not like? Harper Price she was to much of a southern belle girly girl for me. Reason why I didn’t want to finish the series.

a popular author that you can’t seem to get into? Colleen Hoover. I think the reason¬†being is that¬†am currently reading Hopeless and its not my cup of tea. ¬†

a popular book troupe that you’re tired of seeing (examples lost princess, corrupt ruler,love triangles, etc.)? I really hate instant love bull crap or the fast love. I don’t know how people can fall in love so damn fast or even believe they are.

a popular series that you have no interest in reading? I’ve said this a couple of times but it still is the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

the saying goes “the book is always better than the movie” but what movie or T.V. show adaption do you prefer more than the book? This may be a B.S answer¬† but Harry Potter, and I pick this for the fact I never read the books. Okay I read the third and seventh book, but that’s as far as my reading went. It was tradition in my family when a new movie came out my mother, brother will go see it. They read the book however didn’t spoil me. Its something I’ll always remember when thinking of HP movies.

Friday Reads aka Weekend/Week Reads

hopelessThis is my first Colleen Hoover book and not my favorite read. It doesn’t help that it’s a little predictable to me so I wasn’t surprised when the big reveal happened. So at 59% I’ve stopped and will continue it at some point.

IMG_2678I started this book¬†last month and am still only¬†59%¬†done with it. It’s not that¬†am not enjoying the story but for the fact that I can’t stay¬†reading a book very long. That’s why audible has been a life saver this month or¬†I’ll be getting no reading done. Also to note I finally know¬†how to say Akiva’s name.

MeganShephardI just started this¬†and only 14% so not far at all. However am very¬†excited because I¬†enjoyed The Madman’s Daughter, and that ending.

And you would think that was it exact I kind of want to start another book but I hopefully be able to hold it off until I finish one of these. I don’t know why I read at snails pass as of recent but it may not help that I always feel tired. However I am trying and glad to have audible books to keep me up on my reading.

Have a good weekend everyone and happy reading.

Summer Series TBR 2015

28 series in all and have  63 in all to read. Need to cut those down somewhat so this I want to at least start or finish most of these on the list. So this should be a fun summer of reading a whole bunch of series, and not collect more.

The Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

1.Siege and Storm

2.Ruin and Rising

Daughter of Smoke and Bones trilogy by Laini Taylor

3.Daughter of Smoke and Bones

4.Days of Blood and Starlight

5.Dreams of Gods and Monsters
Benny Imura by Jonathan Maberry 
6.Dust and Decay
7.Flesh and Bones
8.Fire and Ash
The Immortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare 
9.City of Fallen Angels
10.City of Lost Souls
11.City of Heavenly Fire
12.The Bane Chronicles
Article 5 by Kristen Simmons 
13.Article 5
14.Breaking Point
Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
16. Shadow Kiss
17.Blood Promise
18.Spirit Bound
19.Last Sacrifice
Starters by Lissa Price 
20. Starters
21. Enders
Unwind by Neal Shusterman 
The Summer by Jenny Hann 
24.The summer I turned pretty
25.It’s not summer without you
Trylle by Amanda Hocking 
The Percy Jackson series
28.the battle of the labyrinth
29.the last Olympian
Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne 
30.Monument 14
31.Sky on fire
32.Savage Drift
The Hybrid Chronicles by Kat Zhang
33. What’s left of me
34. Once we were
Legend by Marie Lu
If I Stay by Gayle Forman 
37. If I stay
38. Where she went
Inkworld by Cornelia Funke 
39. Inkheart
40. Inkspell
41. Inkdeath
 Ravorland trilogy by Ann Agguire 
42. Outpost
43. Horde
The Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness 
44. The Ask and the Answer
45. Monster of Men
Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick 
46. Finale
The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien 
47. The fellowship of the ring
48. The two tower
49. The return of the King
Black dagger brotherhood  by J.R. Ward 
50. Lover Eternal
51. Lover Awakened
The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer
52. The Wishing Spell
53. The Enchantress Returns
His fair Assassin by Robin LaFevers 
54. Mortal Hearts
Age of Legends by Kelley Armstrong 
55. Empire of Night
Insider by Maria V. Snyder 
56. Inside out
57. Outside in
Glass by Maria V. Snyder 
58. Storm Glass
59. Sea Glass
60. Spy Glass
Mystic City by Theo Lawrence 
61. Toxic Heart
Fairyland by Catherynne M. Valente 
62. The girl who circumnavigated Fairyland in a ship of her own making
63. Fell Beneath Fairyland and led the Revels there
Check back in Fall well see if I actual stayed on goal. ūüôā

REVIEW: Rature in Death

Author: J.D. Robb

Series: In Death #4

Format: paperback

page count: 294

Rating: 4/5

Summary: Four successful people are killing themselves with a smile on their faces. It looked like a self termination, except for the fact to their family and friends say they were happy before. As Eve Dallas and her aid Peabody search a more technology aspect to find the answers.

Rapture in Death¬†is very technology based which means we get some of Feeney, and watching Eve piss off as many people as she can. But hey that’s what comes with being a cop asking the hard questions to get the answers. Especially when all the deaths looked self inflicted. However even though they all come from different backgrounds and jobs they each have a mark that¬†makes them connected. Also it helps that all the death’s didn’t happen in New York but different locations to throw off the connection.

Eve comes from¬†a bad past, however you would never think of it as you watch her kick ass and take names. Eve is always cop first, and though she’s trying to be a wife and friend also you can always see the cop. One flaw I would say is that when someone personally hurts someone she considers a friend or family she become blind. In Rapture and Immortal in Death you see this happen and yet she falls for it instead looking at the evident. So even if she is proved wrong she will dig even if there dead ends.

Also its good to see Roake and Mavis the main to characters who seemed to get Eve some what not cop like. I enjoy reading about Mavis for she is a very colorful character total opposite of Eve but is a great blender. Then there is Roake who can read Eve better than anyone else can dream of. I love the humor and how he counters Eve into doing what he wants and for her own good sometimes.

What else can I say about this series that I haven’t before. I will say how glad I am there isn’t any rerun plots like some long mystery series take. Plus have really interesting characters. Rapture in Death is a mystery with the elements of who done it and why. With a pinch of back and forth for suspects. And a whole lot of Eve being pissed off and kicking butt.

So if you stuck to the end thank you. For this is a big rambling mess that am ending now with a question. Do you think Eve and Summerset will ever get along? If they do later on don’t spoil just leave a winky face to let me know they do later on in the series. thanks for reading until next time.

Decisson: Marathoning Series

I don’t always marathon it’s actually very rare for me to do so. I wish I could just go through the whole¬†series and¬†say that I read them and have more room on my self. Because most of my shelves consist of series. However the reason I don’t get through them fast is because I¬†burned out from the series.¬†Also I like to collect books in a series even if I only read the first book. I don’t know why I get burned out so fast or don’t want to continue on the series. You would think if am enjoyed the first one I would want to continue, however that’s not what happens.

Some books that I have started by reading the first book is.

Benny Imura series by Jonathan Maberry

Razorland series by Ann Aguirre

Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead

Black City series by Elizabeth Richards

The Grisha series by Leigh Bardugo

Legend series by Marie Lu

The Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Claire

and many more that I don’t think I want to list for the fact that I’ll be¬†here¬†all day with that list.¬†It’s funny since I have¬† two shelf full of series that I have all or most of the books. This summer am hoping (fingers doubled crossed) that I can tackle some of the series I have. Or at least read the first book to see if I want to continue on. If not then I can donate and make room for more books.

As I’ve said it’s very rare for me to actually finish series right away if I think about it I believe I’ve only done one. How sad is that. Okay I need to stop rambling and ask a question to all of you. Are you guys great at keeping up with series as they come out or just marathon them when you collect them all? Or are you like me and just collect series¬†and take forever to get through them?

Happy reading everyone ūüôā

REVIEW: Immortal In Death

Author: J.D. Robb

Series: In Death #3

Page Count: 10hrs. 16mins / 296

Format: audible/paperback

Publisher: 1996 Berkley

Rating: 5/5

Summary: Top model Pandora was killed and Eve’s best friend is being framed. Now with the death of the model and a new drug that could cause it. Also with her wedding coming soon Eve is a little distracted.

So as the story continued time for fashion and Pandora was the big cheese modeluntil she is found in the home of a designer with her face beaten in. That happened to be where her best friend Mavis boyfriend live. Now Eve with her new aid Peabody have to find answer while getting ready for her wedding. As the story goes on we learn that it’s all about money and a new drug called immortal that is a slow pision. There are plenty of suspects since know one liked Pandora for she is a mean B* and plenty of people would like her dead.

I didn’t see the killer even though I should have however I don’t believe who they thought the first killer was either. 

I went back and forth from audible to book and I may stick to audible. For one reason I love the narrator who does the reading. She makes it more enjoyable and quicker to get through. Also it’s cheeper. I need to save up some money and since this is a 40+ book series. That’s a lot of money that I can’t spend right now. 

So still loving this series and can’t wait to read more of Roake and Eve with there friends of course. ūüôā

Book Haul that I didn’t have to pay for.¬†

So today my mom and I went on a little adventure. First we went to thrift store since there was a sale and I talked her into getting Between Shades of Grey by Ruta Sepetys. I’ve already read this book awhile ago but I loved it , and wanted her to try it out. Plus when she’s done I’ll be putting it on my shelf because will I want the copy.


Next up was supposed to be the store but my mom goes “let’s go to the library.” How was I going to pass that one so we parked and walked up the street to the library right before it closed. I wanted more J.D.Robb In Death series however there was none. So I went hunting and found three books.

The Dark Curiosity by Megan Shaphard to continue on the series and to know what happens next.

Landlines by Rainbow Rowell because I’ve heard plenty about this book and ready to put my opinion out there.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline another book I have heard a lot of and excited to get to it finally.

The other two are for my mom that I recommended her to read. She is currently on book two of the Mara Dyer trilogy. So am doing good on helping her find good book reads on my shelf. I can’t wait until I get to A Darker Shade of Magic after my mom reads it. or before.


So that is my haul and have 3 weeks before they come back so I do have time.