Author: Marissa Meyers
Series: Luna Chronicles #3
Page Count: 550
Genre: Rapunzel Retelling
Source: Feiwel and Friends (2014)
Format: Hardback
Rating: 5/5
Summary: Cinder and Captain Throne are still fugitive and traveling with Scarlet and Wolf. There hoping with the help of Cress a hacker who has been imprisoned on a satellite since childhood can help them stop Queen Levana. However the rescue goes wrong, and now everyone’s separated and even though Cress got her freedom it came with a price.
The story: It started in space since that’s one of the safest places for Cinder and friends to be. Until of course they tried to rescue Cress that end them with one less teammate, one injured, and end up in the desert. Still have multiple point of views from the old and new which helped after everyone got separated. The descriptions of the desert landscape and the struggle that some of the characters make you want to keep reading to see what happens.
The characters: Lets start with Cress she’s a hacker who has to be the biggest fangirl of Throne. She learns quickly that he is not the knight that she fantasied in her satellite. She is the hacker and yet we don’t really see her do it until they planned to get into the palace to save Kai. But then again she had enough worrying about walking over the desert pretty much barefoot with a blind Throne. Throne himself grown some from being a ladies man and self obsessed to caring about someone else. Especially when he loses his sight and needs help he learns to trust Cress more, and be more open.
When they do get back together as a group we find a depressed Wolf. No spoilers but something happens to Scarlet and now Wolf is not himself which doesn’t help when they get into tight situation. Later on they find out more about Cinder and Cress that may help them defeat Queen Levana. Speaking of Queen Levana I don’t like her but her second in command Sybil I dislike her more. Reading how much she enjoyed when she tortured the others made me want her death all the more. In the end though it was great to see how Cinder and her friends out smarted them all.
That end though I can’t wait to for Winter for they’ll be on Lunar. Levana’s home turf. It will be interesting to see how they plan to get around lunar without being founded and killed on sight. Plus we will get more of Winter the crazied princess, and what her role is in all this.

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