REVIEW: Ignite Me *Spoilerish*

Author: Tahereh Mafi
Series: Shatter Me #3
Page Count:416
Genre: YA/Paranormal
Format: paperback
Publisher: Harper Teens (2014)
Source: Amazon
Rating: 5/5
Summary: The battle was lost and Omega Point was destroyed with only a few survive. Now it’s time to end this, but to do this Juliette has to grow into her powers. So with the help of Warner and the reminding friends Juliette learn how to control her powers and to not count herself out yet.

the story has the most growth in where something bad happens in the end of the last book. They did grieve however they decide to do something about it to. It was cool to watch the reminding people from Omega keep training, and help Juliette become more in tuned with her own.

“The whole world will be coming for us now for us now.”
“I can’t wait to watch them try”

Yeah me to. I feel that this book got left on a cliffhanger that will never be answered. It kind a bummed me out with Juliette talking about all the things she’s going to do only get a taste of it. Also Adam. What the hell is up with him. ever since he discovered his gift he has been a moody B*. Then after he found out about Warner and Juliette all hell break lose. He starts yelling at Juliette and saying all these terrible things just because she fell out of love with him. Other then those two things though this was a good read. It’s true that the series gets better as it goes on, the story itself was beautiful and had more action. I flew through this book with no problems and was never bored. Tahereh has a beautiful way to describe things that are more elaborate than what you usually get in books. I loved her writing and her way of putting a story together, along with great character personalities.
The Characters:

Juliette really grows up and take charge of herself. It was great not to see her whining or getting depressed because of Adam or her situation. However she finally told herself she’s done being a coward and running away from problems. Good for her.

Then there is Warner. He was very closed off and only let Juliette in. I liked how real there relationship was compared to hers and Adams in the first two books. By the end he was more friendly and didn’t seem like the scary guy that he was before.

Another person that I must mention that I didn’t like in the first book but I grew to love is Kenji. If I could I would have him in my pocket for those bad days when I really need a laugh. He lost his only home as everyone else in Omega point however he stepped up and took the leader position. Even at times he wanted to breakdown he didn’t he was needed to brave and funny while everyone else was depressed. Kenji was the best thing to happen to Juliette and he helped her discover herself and always her backup.

The only character I didn’t overly liked was Adam and his attitude but by the end he grew to. He stopped being so mad, and looked at the bigger picture. Good job Adam.

Final thoughts:The drama was put on some what on a lower scale than the last book. Especially when Juliette started standing up for herself. So by the end everyone grew up from being kids to being more confident and take leadership of there world. Even though the series didn’t have the ending I wanted I will be reading more of her books in the future. Just for the hope of a great humorous characters and great world building.

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