My Failing Monthly Wrap Up

The Madman’s Daughter by Megan Shepherd
IMG_2603This book is a 4 star rating to me for the fact that it was messing something. To find out more check out my review. All you need to know now is a) I loved this book, and b) I need the other two books in this series.

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan IMG_2614Matson
Its Morgan Matson so of course I loved this book and gave it a 5 star rating.
So if anyone want to see my full thoughts please go to my review.

Darkness of Light by Stacey Marie Brown
]This book was actual free on Amazon and it was so good.5 stars read and excited for the rest of the series. It has a sexual attraction between the main characters. Then there is the magic aspect with a war where you don’t know which side is actual good. Haven’t done a written review but am catching up so it’ll be up soon.

And that’s it I was really struggling to get through any book. The whole month I’ve been trying to read Daughter of Smoke and Bones for about 2 weeks and still at the same spot. I’ve been busying with buying books thanks to amazon marketplace and two book outlet orders. I’ll be making a HUGE book haul later this coming week. So I’ve been more collecting then reading which is sad. For the month of May no book buying I can’t. Another thing is I’ve been reviewing more which is great for my blog to get it out there with more content. Thanks for reading and hope you had a better month then me.

Reviews Ups:
Sea of Shadows

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