Review: Touch of Power

Author: Maria V. Snyder

Series: Healer #1

Page Count:390

Publisher: Mira  (2011)

Format: e-book

Rating: 3/5


The story is about Avry the last magical healer in the fifteen realms.  Reason being is a pledge happened and  the healers where blamed and were killed if found. Kerrick and his friends find Avry in a jail and rope recuse her to get her to heal their friend who started this hatred for healers. So beside running from bandits and people who want to give up Avry for some money she has to decides will she help or will she not.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this book for the most part.

One of the things I enjoy the most that Snyder does will is characters. Oh I love the band of guys that Avry becomes friends with and how humorous they are. They helped the story not seem like a endless story of them traveling and sleeping in caves. The biggest douche was Kerrick especially after Avry states she will not heal there friend. However he did soften up and saved Avry’s life a couple times which makes him not so bad as he first appeared. One thing to complain about Avry’s character is why didn’t she know how defend herself. She was on the run for awhile and your telling me she never picked up any fighting skills. She waits until she becomes part of Kerricks group before she decides it may be useful to know how defend herself. I get that she was good at flight since she was able to escape places but still sometimes fight is the best option.

The romance was slow and coming and didn’t even show up until the end. I thought it was because she was dying but then she didn’t so I got a little bummed out not to see them like each other. I guess since there is two more books its alright but I don’t current have the last two so blah.

The journey itself was a long progress in itself and though things did happen it just seemed to drag a little. When you thought it would be done with the journeying oh we have to go here now. The parts I enjoyed the most from  this book is the  magic and good humorous characters. So if you enjoy those and the author then please pick it up.

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