REVIEW: Glory in Death

Author: J.D. Robb

Series: In Death #2

Narrator: Susan Ericksen

Source: Audible

Time Count: 10 hrs. 16 mins.

Rating: 5/5

 Summary: Eve Dallas has a tough case where powerful women are being killed by a slice across the throat. The first victim being a close family friend of her commander. On top of that the media is all over her about the cases and her new relationship with billionaire Roake. With all the presser coming down on her to close this case Eve Dallas has a lot on her plate.

Eve is put in really tough spot with everyone is breathing down her back. She’s just following the evident and all it does is give her backlash. However takes it like a champ which shows how strong she is. Eve had the press on her back especially a sleazy reporter who always seem to be there when a body dropped. The killer was who I hopped to be and so glad that I got one. No one is that much a pain without something more going on.

Relationship between Roake and Eve hits some bumps in this book. However they grew. Also I love Roake he is total what Eve need to calm her down, and help her see the bigger picture. I do see more back an forth between this couple and I can’t wait. I can’t also wait for more Roake backstory and also Eve’s they both come from bad things so it will be interesting to know more.

Am really enjoying this series and listening to it through audible makes me want to listen more. The narrator Ericksen has a way to bring the characters that took this book 10 hour book no time at all to finish.

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