REVIEW: Immortal In Death

Author: J.D. Robb

Series: In Death #3

Page Count: 10hrs. 16mins / 296

Format: audible/paperback

Publisher: 1996 Berkley

Rating: 5/5

Summary: Top model Pandora was killed and Eve’s best friend is being framed. Now with the death of the model and a new drug that could cause it. Also with her wedding coming soon Eve is a little distracted.

So as the story continued time for fashion and Pandora was the big cheese modeluntil she is found in the home of a designer with her face beaten in. That happened to be where her best friend Mavis boyfriend live. Now Eve with her new aid Peabody have to find answer while getting ready for her wedding. As the story goes on we learn that it’s all about money and a new drug called immortal that is a slow pision. There are plenty of suspects since know one liked Pandora for she is a mean B* and plenty of people would like her dead.

I didn’t see the killer even though I should have however I don’t believe who they thought the first killer was either. 

I went back and forth from audible to book and I may stick to audible. For one reason I love the narrator who does the reading. She makes it more enjoyable and quicker to get through. Also it’s cheeper. I need to save up some money and since this is a 40+ book series. That’s a lot of money that I can’t spend right now. 

So still loving this series and can’t wait to read more of Roake and Eve with there friends of course. 🙂

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