Friday Reads aka Weekend/Week Reads

hopelessThis is my first Colleen Hoover book and not my favorite read. It doesn’t help that it’s a little predictable to me so I wasn’t surprised when the big reveal happened. So at 59% I’ve stopped and will continue it at some point.

IMG_2678I started this book last month and am still only 59% done with it. It’s not that am not enjoying the story but for the fact that I can’t stay reading a book very long. That’s why audible has been a life saver this month or I’ll be getting no reading done. Also to note I finally know how to say Akiva’s name.

MeganShephardI just started this and only 14% so not far at all. However am very excited because I enjoyed The Madman’s Daughter, and that ending.

And you would think that was it exact I kind of want to start another book but I hopefully be able to hold it off until I finish one of these. I don’t know why I read at snails pass as of recent but it may not help that I always feel tired. However I am trying and glad to have audible books to keep me up on my reading.

Have a good weekend everyone and happy reading.

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