REVIEW: Hopeless

  Author: Colleen Hoover

Page Count: 406

Publisher: Simon&Schuster

Format: paperback 

Rating: 3/5


Sky Davis has been homeschooled her whole life until she convinced her mom to let her go to school for her senior year to be with her best friend. However things don’t go as plan when her best friend Six leaves the country for schooling. So now Sky has experience being in a public school and it isn’t easy.  That was until she meet Holder who from first sight she knew he was different, and being around bring things that Sky tired to forget. 

So I wasn’t overly impressed with this book as my first Colleen Hoover book. Am going to try her other books since I hear that she get better with each book. Anyway onto the review of Hopeless. 

So Sky was adopted at the age of six and really doesn’t remember her life before that. She doesn’t even really care that she doesn’t. She is happy with her life with her mom and having her best friend right next door. However something I don’t get is why she kept going back and forth between calling her Karen and mom? Is it a adopted thing or am just being weird. Also I loved how she’s like I won’t do this I promise and yet goes and do it anyway. So basically she’s telling me that her word is more of a 50/50 thing. 

I did enjoy watching Sky learn about technology for the first time. For not only was she homeschooled but has lived in a no technology house. So watching her text and not getting lingo that we know like “lol” was different. Another thing about Sky is that before she meet Holder she was a make out and not feel anything kind of girl. But then she started to feel to much which triggered things that she forgot ages ago. 

Holder reminds me of Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster he had so many mood swings that mellow out some as his relationship with his girl progress. However Holder had twin who killed herself and Holder is trying to figure out why she did it. He’s a thinker and likes to lay out beneath the stars. So even if he’s angry he does has than shot spot. Holder also becomes a rock to Sky when crap hits the fan, and it’s sweet that he is willing to help her anyway he can. 

Now when things hit the fan I was not surprised. I could tell that the twists was coming it was that predictable. It kind of bummed me out where I had to stop reading it after awhile then decide just get it over with. That is why I couldn’t give this book nothing higher than a three for this fact alone. 

The writing went from past to present and also the chapters were labeled more like diary entries. It sometimes threw me off on the time span that things were happening. 
So I have two more Colleen Hoover books and I’ll get to them sometime when am in another contemporary mood. Qucik question is Losing Hope worth reading? I know it’s in Holders point of view, and haven’t decide if I actual want to read it. Let me know in the comments below thanks for viewing. 

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