Top 5 Wednesday

okay so I realized that my list was harder than I first thought. I don’t have that many books that have multiply Pov’s but I did round these up so here we go.


A Game of Martin by George R.R. Martin

Every chapter was a new person which can be confusing but thankfully there is a character glossary in the back to keep up.

A little Something Different by Sandy Hall

Apparently these book is about one relationship that is shown by 19 different people.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Told through different points of view even though its mainly the three main characters.

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

Told through a princess, a prince and rebel. There may be more but I haven’t read it yet so I wouldn’t know.

The Luna Chronciles by Marissa Meyers

There is different people to keep up with everything happen around as the world fight the Lunars.

Sorry for the descriptions but I’ve only read two out of the five books. So this is my Top 5 and let me know your top 5 list.

Until then happy reading. 🙂

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