Top 5 Wednesday Character Types you would like to Drown

Okay i changed the question a little bit ,but hey there are a lot of characters that I could easy drown. So am going with type of characters that would not be safe with me around body of water.

1. Queens and Kings 

They always let the power they get go to there heads. Clear example would be Queen Levana from the Luna Chronicles. I don’t know if I would every get close enough to get her close to a drowning unless I ask Cinder for help. And even then it’ll be difficult but if I can get the job done then I wouldn’t mind the work. Its hard to love the royal families when they try to control people, start wars, and kill just because. So if they drown in a little lake or pond then I don’t think anyone would mind.

2. Crazed Boy Best Friends

Great example is Bree from the Sweep series. She is supposed to be the best friend of our main character Morgan. However when Cal came along and showed interest in Morgan then Bree decide they can’t be friends anymore. Saying she’s in love with Cal. Oh and Cal is not off the hook either as he knew, but I believe was enjoying it to much. That’s what I don’t get about these kinds of characters. How can a friendship that you’ve had all your life go up in smoke thanks to one guy I don’t get that and may never will. So drown.

3. Mayors in general 

Have you’ve ever read a book with a good mayor in it. Let me know because I sure haven’t. In The Chaos Walking Trilogy everyone thought that Aaron was the evil guy. He was but not compared to Mayor Prentiss who brained washed his town, and attack other towns. So please tell me how does that make him the true enemy so drowning him would be doing people a favor.

4. Abbess

This is a thanks to the Abbess Mother from  His Fair Assassin Trilogy. She is pissed me off ever time she showed up because the Abbess always wanted to send the girls off. Even if it is not what they want to do, and call it there Gods wish. I call bullshit. I don’t know what her end game is, but I say just drown her so she can stop pushing people around.

5. Characters That Remind me of Peter

So straight up bullies. Am so tired of having bullies that never learn anything. (Side note I haven’t read past Divergent of the series so I don’t know if he grows any. So for this he’s a bully). So making him an example my get them in line for once. Oh and can I include spoil kids to. They become bullies so they should count on the list of lets drown you.

So that was my top 5 of Character types that I wouldn’t mind drowning in one way or another. So the question is which characters or type would you like you to drown. Let me know down below. Until next time guys keep reading 🙂

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