4 in 1 Book Review

This is my continuing on my reviews for the In Death books series. Currently I’ve read 7.5/40 books. And since I read these pretty fast I decided to do a group review then individual ones. So here we go with books 5,6,7,7.5.

Summary with this series is we follow a Lieutenant named Eve Dallas in futurist New York City fight crimes. All books are over 300 pages except for the novella is less the 100.

   1. Ceremony in Death

So we have the witchcraft aspect that of course that Eve has no belief in. All I have to say is the quit ones are the most deadly. Just saying. Its a is wiccan good or bad that’s what logically mind tries to understand. However in a typically Eve’s fashion she makes more enemies then anything. What I don’t get is that Eve is doing her job and gets a major crap for it.

  2. Vengeance in Death 

So it’s time for Roake along with some old friends from Dublin past to come to light. This is my favorite of the 4 because you get more of Roake past. Plus Eve and Roake have arguments and for some reason I love that. Roake is suffering plenty for the death of old friends he asked for help back in Dublin. Its so nice to see Roake not being in controlling and suffer these lost. Then there’s Eve who doesn’t know how to handle this. She is not usual the comforting one so its interesting to see the roles switched.

   3.  Holiday in Death 

It’s the first Christmas for the married couple and also someone likes the Christmas song my “True Love Gave to Me” to much. So other than trying to figure out gifts for a man who has everything and friends Eve gets to sove a murder as well. I enjoyed the fact that Eve has no idea what to do with Christmas while Roake goes over the top. She’s out of her element with this and it’s nice to see her struggle a little. Another person taken out of her element is Peabody she gets a makeover to go undercover with her least then favorite person McNab. Awe the chemistry.

     4. Midnight in Death  

It’s still Christmas time and an old serial killer comes back to New York for News Years. Eve has to stop him before he gets everyone who had a hand in putting him in jail including Eve herself.You read how Eve tries to get back into the head of these killer who thinks he’s a scientist. However Eve soon learns that being in prison in three years that he’s learned some new tricks. It was short and sweet and is good little read.

So now that I gave a some what summary and some thoughts. Lastly I want to say I gave all these books 5/5 and excited to keep going. Also something I love about this story is the fact that there is character growth. The most being Eve. She used to be all cop and closed off, however with the help of Roake and her friends she’s starting to open up more. You don’t always see the cop, and I enjoy watching her grow.

Okay am done for now please comment down if you’ve or reading this series. I love listening to the stories so I keep getting them. So until next time keep reading. πŸ™‚

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