Bookish Truths About Me (And Hopefully am not the only one)

Does anyone else have mixed matched series. I do. The funny thing is it’s my own fault. When am on Book Outlet ordering books I don’t look at the format. So when I get the books I see that I mixed matched my series. Any other site am okay with its just this one that I apparently get confused on. 

The thing is I don’t overly care if it looks weird on my shelf. If it’s the way cheap purchase am going cheap. For the most part this haven’t screwed me over to much which am happy for. As long as am not missing pages or the book isn’t about to fall apart is good. Because the story is the same either way you read it being in hardback, paperback, or e-book. 

Also another truth is am one of those people who don’t like breaking up series on bookshelves. It would bug me to not being able to see the all the books together. Am not going to go searching when I can keep them all together on a shelf. One day I want bookcases of just paperback or hardback, but now I’ll need one for mixed match series as well. And I have enough to probably to take up a small bookcase alone. 
Would this bother you to know that your series are not the same format. Or would you just separate them to not have to think about it? Let me know what side of the rant your on? 
Until next time keep reading bookworms. 

4 thoughts on “Bookish Truths About Me (And Hopefully am not the only one)

  1. I don’t mind when books are mixed either. Though I do tend to prefer paperbacks overall because they are usually more within my budget and I can fit more of them on my already crammed shelves. Also,I agree I like having books from a series all together on my shelves. I love when people organize by colors of the rainbow but I like it for them 😀

      • Of course! When I have something to share I’m more than happy to add my two cents 🙂 Also, I agree it’s nice to actually know of someone in particular who agrees with you from the masses as opposed to knowing someone somewhere most likely agrees but you’ve never spoken to them so who really knows lol Okay then no more coffee for me this morning.

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