Cram-A-Thon: Anyone Joining in?

It’s happening this weekend from the 10th to the 13th, and the point is to read short books in those three days. However I cram all the books I’ve been currently reading during the week. So these weekend am sticking to books that am slowly getting through. Since I have a couple more days before the cram a thon happens am not making a list. But if you follow me on Twitter you’ll see what I’ll be reading.

So is anyone up for a mini read-a-thon let me know in the comments below and what books you’ll try and get through. Until next time everyone keep reading.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Cram-A-Thon: Anyone Joining in?

  1. I saw a video of this last night but I was tired so didn’t catch when it was taking place, and now I know! I could very well join in! Let me have a look at my books ^_^ It’d be great to get some books out of the way before I go to Japan so I have less luggage >.<

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