CONFESSION: I Rage While I Read

It’s really funny how much I yell at characters while reading. I know that doing so wont help, but it does help in a way. I can’t help that am an emotionally reader who enjoys talking to characters about there stupid decision. So here is a list of types authors write about that can bring the rage inside me.

Teens. I mean come on do you know how many things can be solved by two characters just talking it out. But no they have to hold it in and act like everything’s prefect. Then follow them because you don’t trust them. Looking at you Lucy Larson from the Crush trilogy. You know what you did. Also how about the fact that some friendships are very shallow and if there is a guy interested into two friends. Forget about it.

 Friend and friend who like each other but wont admit it. Reading Anna and the French Kiss for how long it took them together. Oh my Paris if I could count how many times they could have just been together. Another example of opening your mouth and talking it out. Or if they talk about the attraction yet still won’t do anything about it cause they won’t break up with who there with. I got this while reading Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover. I was upset with both Sydney and Ridge for not being smarter how they handle the situation. Seniors in high school should be smarter than that but apparently its only a silly wish on my part.

Unfit parents. Yes am talking about those people who shouldn’t reproduced. However by some miracle, drunken night, or stupidity (pick one they all work here) they have a kid or many. I applause authors who can make some of the worse parents and enough to make me rage. Oh but I don’t rage I throw books and cuss at them and close the book as I try to get over the rage. Its fun to see characters over come those horrible people, but may take a while to do so. Examples: Cinder, Cruel Beauty, and Incarnate just to name a few.

Unnecessary deaths. I love my secondary characters. I don’t know why, but I have a huge soft spot for them. Like Chuck from The Maze Runner (which came first to mind because I watched the movie). I loved him and his death was 1) unnecessary and 2)if it was then why do it that way. I had such a rage on the fact that it dies that I couldn’t read the rest of the series. It seems every time I grow attached to secondary characters they die on me which just piss me off more than anything.

So I made my list and hope you can agree and if you disagree let me know. I just don’t have that much tolerance in people that do stupid things. Or anything else that I put in my list. Let me know what makes you rage while reading books. Maybe I missed some and would love your input.

Until next time. keep reading bookworms:)

4 thoughts on “CONFESSION: I Rage While I Read

  1. Yes! I agree with every single thing you have just said! When the two main characters don’t sit down and talk things through, I’m ready to throw my book at the wall. It’s so frustrating! And unfit parents wind me up so much, or when the parents are no where in the book at all, and I’m just there like “Your kid is running around doing all sorts of things and you don’t even know!” Great post!

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