August Wrap Up/Reviews

I got through 6 books this month all by the same author and series. J.D. Robb 10-13.

Witness in Death book 10


Story:It involves the production as a revival of Agatha Christie thriller Witness for the Prosection. Where Eve and thousand others are eye witness to. So now Eve and team have to basely have to weed out the killer who happened to be one of the actors themselves. It also hits a little close to home for Eve and she has to deal with it as best she can. By a)ignoring it as much as she can and b)never sleep.Smiles all around.

Things I loved..Roarke and McNabb have guy talk. Its time for McNabb and Peabody to go out on the town.Seeing McNabb jealous of Charles the LC. Kinda a love triangle but am actual okay with it. Eve tired to make a romantic night which could ended different then Roarke putting his foot in his mouth. Eve and Charles finally talk about his relationship with Peabody. Because things need to be said and I miss her being called lieutenant Sugar. lol.Drunk Peabody. She turns three when she does. Summerset and Eve’s back and forth. They have the funniest relationship of all and love when they take jabs at each other. Peabody and Eve fight and make up. One a blubbering mess and one just trying to forgive and forget. Its easy to guess who did which one.  Eve kicking the bookies ass. Even if the chick was way bigger than her. Eve is no weakling and I love that about her character.Roarke concern over her when she doesn’t really care for herself. Especially when she is hurt or having one of her moments. 

Judgment in Death book 11

Things to look forward to in Judgment in Death

there is a cop killer who hates dirty cops. we also have a rich bad guy Ricker who has cops in his back pocket. Who’s also losing his mind slowly, but not before he got revenge on Roake. marriage troubles between my favorite couple. It has to do with a) Roake’s past and b) Eve doing her job. drunk Mavis and Eve. She had to talk to someone so she goes to Mavis and drink Slammers. Webster vs. Roake fight fight fight. He totally deserved it and got his ass whooped.Eve kicking bad guys butt. Max Ricker thought he could use his goons to get to Eve. However he underestimated her.

Betrayed in Death book 12


4.5 and that reason being how they took the big time assassin down. He’s been able to invade the cops for years and that’s how it ends blah. 

In other news my second favorite couple is broken up for some misunderstanding. Peabody is the best sidekick to Eve ever and knows how to trick into things. An old friend of Roake’s came to visit. Plus another trip to Ireland is going to happen.
Peabody and Eve have girl talk though Eve doesn’t like it. 
Eve gets a new tattoo and this time it’s not a rose.

Interlude in Death book 12.5


So Roake and Eve are off planet for a cop convention. So at this convention there is a legend cop who is gunning for Roake and after she wouldn’t help him Eve. And that’s when things get spice. We found out that the old cop has a grudge thanks to Roake’s dad and a old double cross. After that revolutions began coming to light for both Roake and Eve. When of course trying to solve a couple of murders that’s are trying to be blamed on Roake. I really like this short story and how Eve works with off planet when it’s not her case. There was some of my favorite characters like my favorite couple, EDD Captain and favorite Aide. Plus we see Eve tell off a legend and kick some ass like always.

Seduction in Death book 13


I loved this book other than the fact that the killers where pigs. And before anyone says that am not supposed to like the bad guys. These two took the cake. The plot for this one is that two best friends make up a game where they seduce and have sex and kill women they meet on the Internet. They would rank up points on the most adventures way it’s done. The women they seduce are nothing but lab rats and nothing more. Which is the reason I hate them so much. But as my hate for them is there my love for the other characters grew. Peabody and McNab are an officially couple where Eve wants to know nothing about. Are favorite LC is getting a chance at a relationship that isn’t client base. Which is sweet they both are lonely and will make a cute couple. Eve and Roake as always are the cutest thing in the world and just so in love. Even when they both drive the other crazy. My favorite part is when McNab and Charles get into it. Love the thought of them fighting even if Ian was drunk. The end result was what counted. 

Reunion in Death book 14

An old foe come to rage war with Eve Dallas in a show down that ends in an extreme cat fight 

Reason to read this book: Cat and dog chase. Poison being the main weapon of killing. Marked the one year for Roarke and Eve’s marriage. Peabody’s parents come to visit.Roarke gets conned by the Peabody. Peabody gets her first cold case.Eve goes to Dallas Texas for a case and relive her past.Eve gets banged up.Roarke is a target to get to Eve. 

2 thoughts on “August Wrap Up/Reviews

  1. I’ve only read Naked In Death so far, but I’m definitely going to try and read more of this series in the future. So far I’ve already a copy of the second book on my shelf…

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