Top Ten: Finished Series I Have Yet to Finish 

This has to be the most funny question. For the fact that I absolute suck at finishing series. I have a thing with reading the first book then never get to the next ones. 

1. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

 4-6 plus the Bane Chronicles. I am one of those people that thinks this series could have ended at book three. However am interested to see where Cassandra Clare goes with the story.

2. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead 

Don’t know why I stopped reading this series but I need to get around to finally finishing this. I started Shadow Kiss and stopped for a reason that maybe I read the first two to fast. So I may have burned out a little. 

3. The Grisha by Leigh Bardvgo 

I read the first book however I’ll need to reread it before coninuing. I don’t remember much other than being confused most of the time. And that’s probably why I haven’t continued. 

4. His Fair Assassin by Robin LaFevers 

All I have is the last book and yet I haven’t gotten around to it. I don’t want it to really end so maybe that could count as another reason. 

5. Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor


STILL have Daughter of Smoke and Bone as my current read since April. Its turning out like when I read City of Bones. I need to get back into this trilogy. Although the page counts on these books keep getting bigger.

6. Legend by Marie Lu

Read the first book forever ago, and though I remember some parts I need to reread the first book before continuing. Loved the first book and can’t wait to read about Day and June again. 

7. Under the Never Sky by Vernoica Rossi


Another trilogy I need to reread before continuing on. Love the world and characters with all the drama that’s goes in a story like this. 

8. Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness


After a certain character death and the writing puts me off of continuing on. But I want to so bad need to know what’s going to happen with Todd and Viloet after that ending. 

9. Trylle by Amanda Hocking 


I didn’t overly enjoy the first book because the main character Wendy bugged me so when I finished the first book I wasn’t in no rush to continue. 

10. Benny Imura by Jonathan Maberry 

I spoiled myself on something that happens to my favorite character  in the second book that makes me hesitant to start it. But I loved the first book and really would love to continue this series. 

So that only ten of the series I have yet to get to. I have so many darn series that I haven’t even started and just collecting the books. Am so bad when it comes to my series. 

4 thoughts on “Top Ten: Finished Series I Have Yet to Finish 

  1. I’m bad with series too! Honestly all of these are still on my TBR. I’m dying to start Under The Never Sky and Chaos Walking. The only one of yours I’ve started is Mortal Instruments but since I didn’t even finish book one it didn’t even make my top ten. It is on my top 64! Lol. I’ve decided the reason I can’t finish series is the just keep coming out with new series. Seriously. Someone tell them to stop that already so we can catch up. I’m still on Anne of Green Gables here!

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