So This Weekend Am….

TBR piles are a funny thing. Especially since there are so many formats to read and buy books from. It can be very addicting if not watched. My TBR has grown in physical, e-books, and even audible which makes me seem a little crazed. However how can you pass up a book for 2.99 or less even though you know you wont be reading it anytime soon. Or the fact that I may already have that book in another format. Plus I love Book Outlet and Amazon Marketplace for my book deals. So this weekend am going to take all my papers for my TBR, and organize it with sheet documents. Its going to take the weekend and possible later in the week. It should be fun (major sarcasm) lucky enough I have nothing else to do this weekend. So wish me luck on this adventure of trying to get my TBR organized.

Just as a side note I have:




And that doesn’t even include the ones I have in other formats. YEAH ME!!!

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