Purity in Death

Title: Purity in Death

Author: J.D. Robb

Series: In Death #15

Pages: 355

Format: paperback

Publisher: Berkley

Genre: romance/suspense

Summary: Scum of New York is coming up dead after having the symptoms of having extreme headaches and acting in a rage while bleeding from there eyes, and nose. Before there actual deaths occur. So unknown what killed them other than on there computers read out Absolute Purity Achieved. Now  Eve Dallas believes there’s more going on, and that its a computer virus that is killing these people.

What I mean by team I mean mostly EDD, Roarke, and a old/young character Jamie (from Ceremony in Death) still tech smart but still runs at the mouth. So the computer and how to contain the virus becomes there pet project. Since they are more tech savvy then Eve. EDD is more than welling for the fact that because of this virus one of there own was killed and plenty was injured. Including our favorite mult. color EDD guy McNab. 

Eve and Peabody are connecting the dots on who would want them dead. Which is plenty apparently.  So there activities that involve mostly minors put them on the hit list to a group calling themselves Purity Seekers. Rapture in Death comes again but different situation. Who think that because these people are scum that they deserve death.  That there protecting the youth of New York with these virus. Also there is more media with this  book which makes Eve a very happy Lietaunt (sarcasm here). 

So other than dealing with these murders she also have to deal with the PDA. Which is funny to watch because nothing gets between Eve and her case. The killers where multiple people from different areas of life. And how Eve caught the leader as you will was sneaky and clever. My favorite kind of Eve, because she has a poker face like no other.Knows how to get her case solved, while walking on toes in the process.

Relationships: Roarke and Eve get into it for the fact that their beliefs for following the law and or did they deserve it come between them. There is always going to be that line with them since they’ve differently. Mira said it the best

“You’re not the same person , Eve, nor would either of you want to be. Seeing this from two sides would, I’d think, help keep you both honest.”

Thankfully they also have a deep love for each other that weighs more so there alright in the end. Peabody and MacNab has grown closer which I would thank him being hurt attribute to. I know that sounds bad but these is when there relationship changed for the better, and loved it. Also we see how the hold up in EDD shows how much Eve and Fenney care for each other as a father and daughter relationship. Which I love to see because Eve has a father figure, and it’s not that scum that she lived with at age eight.

I think that’s what I love most about these books not only the way Eve solved cases. But how close everyone is and are family. Which is why this book gets full stars from me.

Some quotes that I loved…

“Since we both have to answer to your mother, I wont even acknowledge that bit of stupidity.”

“But if such a thing should happen, I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing Eve will be sending the lot of you to hell right behind me.”

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