Ebook Review: Dearest Clementine 

Author: Lex Martin 

Series: Dearest #1

Page Count: 370 

Genre: New Adult 

Rating: 5/5

Okay when I was about to finish this book I believe this book was a 4.9. However by the end I knew even if I had a problem within this book. That it is a 5 star to me. This book is sweet book that has plenty of elements to keep you interest. 
First off we have Clementine Avery a senior in college trying to find her mojo to write another best seller. However instead taking a young adult class she is made to take a romance class instead. Which is not Clementine’s cup of tea since she hasn’t dated since her boyfriend cheated on her in high school. So to get through the class Clem’s friend Jenna tries to help. But the biggest help come in the form of Gavin Murphy the R.A of Warren House.
Okay bad summary but I try. Anyway first off I love me some Gavin Murphy he has to be the most patient guy ever. Clementine puts on this mood called bitchy mood since she doesn’t want to date anyone. However Gavin was patient and let there be a friendship before moving on to a relationship when she was ready. I love how there relationship was slow with some making out in between (the stack scene yes please). 
Clementine in the beginning was just trying to keep to herself and write however as the book processed you watched her care more. Like with Kade a friend/enemy someone he used to date and pushed away got kidnapped after studying aboard. To cope he put up flyers and Clem helps out bring them into a friendship. Also Clem grows with forgiving those who hurt her in the past which include her ex boyfriend and her twin Jackson. By the end something happens that Clem needs a little help and both were very helpful in that department. And after all the drama died down friendships grew out of the pain. 
Something I didn’t enjoy was the fact that communication between Gavin and Clem stopped when Gavin started blowing her off. I get the reason why and Clem being who she is doesn’t trust very easy. However they both were there but distance and I didn’t like that. 

So am done rambling and just saying I love this book. And I want a Gavin in my life. He sings, writes, patient, and a great snugger. Though I wouldn’t take him from Clem because I believe her or one of her friends could kick my ass.So there is a story on her twin that I really want to read and probably will get it soon. 

Thanks Gabrielle for the recommendation.

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