Review of Wings (a so so beginning) by Aprilynne Pike 

Series: Wings #1

Format/page count: paperback/294

Publisher/year: HarperTeen/2011

Summary: Laurel thought just moving to a new town and,going to school would be the hard part. However she will quickly learn that’s the least of her problems. 

My thoughts: 

I enjoyed this book and am going to be continuing the series. However this book was just a meh read. As the first book has the whole weird stuff began to happen to Laurel and come to find out she’s a faerie and now trying to learn all she can about it. (Without of course telling her parents but tell her new best friend).Which was cool that Pike put a biology spin on how Laurel and David found out more about what Laurel could do. If you ever watched the Thirteenth Year an old Disney movie from my childhood. Laurels story pretty much can be summed up the same way except for a merman it’s faerie. Plus there is a love triangle and more danger. 
The romance was okay I can’t help but feel bad for Tamani the Spring faire who helps give Laurel the information about her heritage. especially when we find out how long he’s been waiting for Laurel. Plus David is such a sweetheart who has been raised by his mother and learn how to be a respectful young man. Any girl would love to take home.And the thing about this love triangle is I like both guy interest. Kinda like in the infernal devices between Will and Jem. I liked both of them and that’s the starting problem I have with this book. Which may change as there are 3 more books in the series. 
Another thing it dragged a little and it didn’t really pick up until Laurels dad got sick. After that it got more interesting to read. Being the first book it’s a introduction piece and the rest of the books will be more action base. Or a girl can dream right. 
Finally Rating: 3/5 

So if you’ve read this book and seen thirteen years(If you have seen the movie major points).Tell me if am not the only one who see’s some of the parallels. 

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