Resolutions for 2016

Can you believe it’s already 2016 this year went by so fast couldn’t believe it. 

Goodreads goal: 100 *i know that’s big coming from me but trying is half the fun/frustrating.*

Buying wise: I have some preorders coming in which makes me excited. Other than those am going to not buy books. If I can this will be a great accomplishment because it meant I actual read my books. 

Book wise: This year I really really need to get to my series/trilogy/duo/standalones. Plus I have so many e-books in kindle and nook. So yeah that is my bookish goals. 

Blogging: I went off it for a little while and I need to get back into it. I have book reviews to write then put up. Plus I’ve missed on trying to do decisions and memes. Fingers cross that I can get to more blogging and not burn out. 

Non Book related: I want to get back into drawing more. Am not that bad at it and with practice I probably can get better. It also help that listening to audible and drawing gets me though both pretty fast. 

These are my major goals for the year. Don’t seem like a lot however to be it will be work and I can’t wait to give it a shot. Hope everyone had fun on New Years and hope your goals come true. 

Any comment let me know your goals and any helpful hints on me completing mine. Thanks for reading. 

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