Topic Top Ten Resolutions We Have For 2016

Note: (I resolve to finally read these 10 books, series I resolve to finish in 2015, etc.)

Okay one big thing I would love to do this year is start series I have on my shelves. It crazy that I haven’t yet since most of my shelves are full of them (some complete some not). So here is 10 first book in series that I need to at least start this year.


1.Article 5  by Kristen Simmons- this series has been on my shelves since the beginning of last year. So I really need to read the first book so that I can decided to keep reading these series or donate it.


2. Blood Red Road from the Dust Land trilogy by Moira Young- I’ve heard nothing but good things about this series and pretty much the reason I brought it. These is a fairly new purchase that I may not read right away. However I do want to get to it soon.


 3. The Young Elite by Marie Lu- Also it would be lovely to finish the Legend series but that’s not what this is currently about. I need to read this book ASAP for the last book comes out this year and I would love to get the first two read before hand.


4.The Kiss of Deception from The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson-Again another ASAP read because again the last book come out this year. I loved the concept when I first heard about this book however am a late bloomer as always.


5. Starters by Lissa Price-There is only two books and I really like the cover. All I have to say except Starters is another book that’s been on my shelf for about a year.


6. Reboot by Amy Tintera- I love the concept, its short, and there’s only two books. My question to myself is why haven’t I picked it up yet.


7.Mistborn from the Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson- Brandon Sanderson is a very popular author and I know somewhat why I haven’t started this. It is for the reason that the first book I read by him is The Rithmatist and I don’t overly like it. So I’ve been kind a turned off by his other books, but I will at least start this book these year. Fingers crossed.


 8. All These Things I’ve Done from the Birthright by Gabrielle Zevin-I have like three books by Gabrielle Zevin, and haven’t read any of her books. Hopefully these one.


 9. ANTIGODDESS from the Goddess War by Kendare Blake-its about God and Goddess going to war with each other why the heck not have I picked it up.  


 10. The Next Always from the Inn Boonsboro by Nora Roberts-I need to read these for there fun for a summer time.

So I have a lot of reading to do these year and am looking forward to it. My motto for 2016 is buy less read more. Lets just hope I can stick to it.

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