REVIEW:Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

Publisher: Disney Hyperion

Published: January 5,2016

Genre: YA, Time-Traveling, historical fiction

Format: audible/kindle

Count: 13hrs, 28mins/464


Summary: Etta Spenser’s life pretty much is to make it professional violinist, and final get her mothers respect. That was until she is thrown into the world of a traveler. Now with the help of Nicholas Carter she has to go into the past and find a powerful magically object.

Concept of these book is cool for the fact that its a time traveling book with a surveying hunt mixed in. The goal being to get the astrolabe which has been hidden by Etta’s mom years ago. If the astrolabe gets put in the wrong hands can mean different outcomes for the timeline/world. The ones who want to get such power is Grandmaster Ironwood who is to me is the Godfather to the rest of the traveler families. He has sacrificed his sons and grandsons for the cause and will keep going until he finds it. Then there’s the Thorns who are travelers who didn’t want to be under Ironwoods thumb after he pretty much blended all the families into Ironwoods so they formed their own group. To hopefully stop him someday. Plus Etta and Nicholas for different reasons am not going to say for spoilers.

Now the main characters I enjoyed both Nicholas and Etta for they are plenty alike in they have big dreams to be something. The romance was so, so Etta seemed to trust and fall for Nicholas pretty quickly. While Nicholas liked her but because of his end goal and them being different timelines he didn’t want the feelings. But they did come and I enjoyed it especially closer to the end.

Someone I didn’t like in these book other than the Granmaster and that was Sophia. She is one of those privileged brats which is kind a funny with her background. In a way understood where Sophia was coming from she just wanted the respect like most women in the 1776. But the way she went around to doing so pissed me off. The ending with Sophia I may sound mean but she kind of deserved it. Another thing it would of been cool if there was more voyages on the ship. It was only in the beginning and other than Nicholas calling Etta pirate that was the end of it. Bummed me out however for the fact that I loved the nickname.

Lastly the ending: Cliffhanger and have to wait a year for the next book. WAHHHHHH. Something that happens a lot with couples that happens in first books is that they get separated in some way. Didn’t disappoint with this one. However it was different enough that makes me question how the next book is going to be and I seriously cant wait.

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