Movie Review:The Martian :Spoiler Content

Something I haven’t done before but I just finished watching the movie and so I wanted to get my thoughts down. Okay I will say that this movie was really good of course it took some parts out and whatever. However all-in-all I think the director Ridley Scott did a good job to sticking to the book.


Hands down Matt Damon was a fantastic Mark Watney he keep the humor that is expect of Watney. While showing true emotion when the situation called for it. All the people who acted in this did their parts justice and really loved all of them.

LOVED: That they kept the logs. Its such a big part of the story that I didn’t think where it would be. Am also glad they added how 7 months with rationing food and a different planet can do. To see Mark that thin and the blister painted a better picture then the book did. All the emotions and how real they seemed made me teary eye at times. Lastly they gave us a where are they now type ending. Readers didn’t get that in the book so it was a nice touch to add on.

MISSING PARTS: I know in movies they have to cut things out. Which really sucks when you’ve read the book and know how its supposed to happen but it didn’t. Examples Mark never loses contact with NASA while traveling to where he was going to be launched. Also we didn’t get the big sand storm or when he gets in that accident right before he gets there. Plus the ending wasn’t exactly how it happened. With the rescue mission because Mark never went ‘ironman’ to get to Beck. That’s another thing the rescue wasn’t the right person. But hey I will not fault it for the reason that Mark did get rescued like planned.

As I’ve said this is a very good adaptation of Mark Watney’s journey to being rescued. I can’t wait to own my own copy, because everything was there that made me love this and want to see again.

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