Okay so this Weekend…

I don’t know what am doing. I want say I’ll be reading but I’ve been saying that all week. I’ve only been through like 100 pages in I’ve Got Your Number and that’s it. And that was in the beginning of the week. 

I don’t believe it’s a slump I just haven’t been in the mood. Which is sad for my goal to reach 100 books. However on goodreads as of yesterday am on track so yeah. I guess. 

What I have been doing during the week is blogging everyday which is great for me. Plus I’ve some what orginize ebooks. Which is a way to big TBR. Not done with orginizing it just yet however I made process during the week. 

Also I’ve been in more into watching walkthroughs for video games that I may get. Also just YouTube as a whole. 

So yeah I’ve been really lazy and not reading or doing anything but work. I think it helps that my lack of sleep is hurting me since am always tired. 

So done with the rambling of a sleep deprived, YouTube  watching and being striaght lazy. 

Questions: Anyone have plans for the weekend?

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