First Bookoutlet Order of 2016

So I was doing so good at not buying books on Book Outlet. Can’t say the same for Amazon marketplace but still. I only brought them for one book then found 10 more that I really wanted. Not much of an excuse but it’s the only one I have. 

The Pile:    

Don’t know if you can tell but paperbacks win with 7 paperbacks and 4 hardbacks. Which is okay because I love my paperbacks. 

Or aka the book that made me place the order in the first place. But am not mad I can’t wait to read it to remember Legend then maybe continue on the trilogy. 

Or better named the trilogy that I’ve been wanting for years. I’ve been waiting for these books to be on book outlet all in the same format. Bonus is the prett covers. 

Also known to me as the tallest book in my order. I didn’t know that I’ll Give You the Sun was so tall. I do know that it’s about twins in different times with both point of views. And that’s all I really want to know. 

Have heard little about this but what I have heard is good. So am excited to read about some sisters with paranormal wrapped in. Maybe?

A 2015 release where I love the front, back, and the table of contents. Don’t ask me why but I love when books have titled chapters. I didn’t know this before I brought it but I liked the surprise. 

A book I haven’t read and already have it as two different ebooks. So why not add another format to the equation. This is about a mix kid who can’t fit in with either side of his witch blood. Sounds fun. 

This is will be my third book owned by Patrick Ness. I’ve heard some mixed things but has such a pretty cover.

And lastly the book that I’ve already read but needed to have the collection. I have been waiting for every for this book to come in paperback. And I know I could have brought it somewhere else. However my sentimental side wouldn’t let me since I brought the first two on book outlet. 

There you have it my book outlet the first and not the last. I don’t regret anything and am going to go stare at them. While trying to figure out where to place them on my bookshelves. 

Anyone else get sentimental attached to where you first but series? Or am the only weird one. Let me know it the comments. 

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