My Struggles with Fantasy

Fantasy for me has always been a hard genre for me to drive in. However I do try. Currently am reading The Lies of Locke Lomara by Scott Lynch and it got me thinking. I don’t read much fantasy and here are the reasons for it. 

Big fantasy scare and I won’t lie. It keeps me from reading. Am trying to fix that by marking it off into sections. 100 pages one day and another hundred or so the next. Now my book is tagged up and it’s weird but if it helps I’ll deal. 

Another thing is how much world building there is. Authors who have more creativity then me can make a world from pretty much scratch. With a magic system, new words/slang, and so many characters. I like this for the fact there is so many people to love or hate, and worlds you may want to visit if it was real. 

However my brain doesn’t collect everything it probably needs when reading fantasy. So halfway I may forget something. My solution have a notebook handy. I need it try and keep everything is striaght and if I do it stuck I have notes. 

I also have some issues how slow the beginning can be. That is when most of the information dumps happens and I get bored. Which makes me stop reading. I need to just try and read it through because after all the dumping could be a pot of gold. 

 To many POVs also known as Point of View: I know taking notes could probably save me a lot of trouble but still. Like the Game of Thrones it’s hard for me to read all the way through because I have to go into the back and find out who’s whom. 

Books like A Game of Throne, Falling Kingdom, The Name of the Wind, and Brandon Sanderson books. Are some top fantasy books that I own but haven’t gotten around to yet. If I can get through The Lies of Locke Lomara then these will be a next read. Fingers crossed. 

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