Ebook Review: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

Rating: 2/5

This would be my third Colleen Hoover book and I have to say that it wasn’t the worse. To be honest I don’t get the hype behind this book. Then again am not the biggest fan of romance unless its done right.
I didn’t root for the main characters because Tate kept crying over the fact that Miles wont open up and yet she keeps going back. Then you know what happens she starts crying. Miles will cry if you confront him about his past and there will be Tate telling him its okay he doesn’t need to tell her. UGH. I feel bad for Miles in a way however you can figure out after reading his POV because he went through some crap that no eighteen should experience.
So talking about his POV I didn’t like how for a guy who’s about eighteen act like a middle schooler with his first crush. At love at first sight to I just couldn’t. They way he describe stuff just made me roll my eyes, but then again am that much of a romantic so that’s against me. And when Tate and Miles meet it wasn’t that much better.

Now to get off the negatives there is one character that I simply loved and that’s Cap. He may be eighty years old however he has experience that made him prefect to be there for both Tate and Miles while they where going through there stupid phase. Also the ending wasn’t that bad even though it took a lot of meh to get to it.

I didn’t want to do this review since I know how many people love this book and everything else Colleen Hoover writes. I still don’t get the hype after three books in, and I’ll probably keep borrowing from my library.

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