REVIEW: Crash by Nicole Williams

Rating: 3/5

Publisher: Harper Teen/2012

Page Count: 365

Format: Paperback

This book has been sitting on my shelf and I believed to get rid of it. However I had the whole good/evil book nerds on my shoulders saying I should give the first book a chance. So I did and was surprised.

PLOT: This is Lucy Larson senior in high school and she is going to a new school and downside from her old life. However one thing that has always been constant is dancing. That was until she meet bad boy Jude Ryder was a rap sheet longer than any kid his age should have. Since the day they meet there was attraction with a lot of trouble rolled into one.

Lucy and Jude are the typically bad boy meets good girl crap. Lucy is a girly girl but she does have an attitude which I enjoy. Then Jude the orphan bad boy who tries to be good however seems to find trouble. When there together its not that bad. However there where something’s
However I will say that Lucy does seem more down to earth then most characters like her. So I didn’t dislike her as much as I thought I would. The school thing was kind a of funny how at first no one wanted to talk to Lucy because of Jude. But after no one still really be her friend, but be friendly enough.

I didn’t like.
-Lucy can never make up her mind if she wants to be with Jude or not.
-Then she starts dating another guy when they broke up. Which is B.S since they just spilt up.
-How Jude would hide things from her that will come out later. So just damn tell her.
Then there are something’s I liked
-I liked Jude more than Lucy. He is a little boy trying to act more of a grown up.
-I liked that Lucy stopped being so distance from each other.
-I loved that both Jude and Lucy were named after Beetle songs it makes it more like faith.
-I did enjoy the fact that Jude was trying to be open with his past and when he does something wrong. However its always after Lucy is pissed off at him.
I enjoyed this book for the purpose it was a fast easy read that I may continue with I haven’t decided. The ending didn’t really make me want to read the next book Clash (plus its the shortest book in the trilogy.) However its on my self when ready.

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