Book Review: Second Chance Summer 

Author: Morgan Matson

Page Count: 468

Format: paperback

Publisher: Simon & Schuster 

Genre: contemporary Ya 

Rating: 5/5 

Summary: The Taylor’s are going back to there summer home after tragic news are told to them. Now with only a summer they need to pack a lot of bounding time together. And if that isn’t enough Taylor has to deal with people she left behind 5 years that she didn’t want to see again. The Edwards have a hard road ahead this summer and have to stick together. 

Finished this book and let me tell you I cried. It took me by surprise and I couldn’t really stop. Am all caught up with my Morgan Matson books and now just have to wait for Everything Everything to come out. 
Loved how this story had different elements of friendships, love and family, and lost. For though am laughing at parts my heart still went out for Taylor and her family. Because though Taylor goes through a summer job to getting a second chance in a old friendship and relationship. Taylor has to deal with what’s happening to her dad and spending time with him. Those where the cutest moments. The romance wasn’t overly cheesy which is A+ in my book. And it wasn’t just Taylor and Henry but also Taylor’s big brothers try at a romance. 

There was growth from Taylor not being a runner. To Taylor’s whole family go from being distant from each other to becoming closer. The siblings came together but also let other people come and talk to them when they couldn’t talk to family. 

I did have a problem with the fact that conflict that was caused at age 12 lasted for 5 years. I know to a 12 year old it may be major but come on Lucy and Henry should have gotten over it sooner. Also when Taylor asked Henry if he believes in second chances that was actual the third chance. 

Plus I would have liked a little more at the end. Why do contemporary authors leave there stories so open ended. Also to see more the side characters would have been cool. 

Other than that I loved this book and like I said can’t for the newest one to come out. Sorry for how long this is if you made it all the way through your a superstar. 

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